14 Millionaires Who Murdered People And Thought They Could Get Away With It

There's something morbidly fascinating about anyone who thinks they can commit murder and get away with it, but millionaire murderers often have a special sort of delusion to them. Maybe it's growing up spoiled, maybe it's coming into money and thinking you're special, or maybe it's just the assumption that everyone has a price and if you get into trouble you just need to find the right person to pay off. But there are way too many wealthy criminals out there who seem to think they should be able to get away with crimes just because of their bank account.

And we're not talking about white-collar crimes - we're talking millionaire murders. People who kill in angry and violent ways and assume their own impunity. These are stories of crazy murder houses and cannibals who are walking free. They're larger than life, but all the money in the world couldn't keep them from paying for their crimes. 


  • H.H. Holmes Built A Murder Castle With His Riches To Lure Victims
    Photo: Unknown / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    You can't mention millionaire murderers without mentioning H.H. Holmes. Because, as far as crazy murders go, this guy went above and beyond. He built an entire "Murder Castle" after moving to Chicago in 1886. Small rooms, trap doors, torture chambers, gas chambers - the works. He opened it as a hotel where the guests checked in but didn't check out.

    After being caught for insurance scams, he admitted to killing 27 people - though some estimates ranged up to 200.

  • The Menendez Brothers Killed Their Parents

    This is not your average case of a rich person who thinks they can get away with anything. Brothers, extreme wealth, matricide, patricide - the case of the Menendez brothers had it all. They were incredibly wealthy trouble makers with sociopathic tendencies who decided they wanted their parents dead. The brothers said - and still maintain - that their father was extremely abusive. 

    They staged it to look like a burglary and then got to spending their huge inheritance. What brought them down? One brother, Erik, broke down and confessed to a psychotherapist and an ex-girlfriend. 

  • Getting away with murder is one thing; getting away with murder and cannibalism is another. Issei Sagawa was studying at the Sorbonne in 1981 when he was found with a suitcase containing parts of his classmate. He had killed Renee Hartevelt the day before and cannibalized her, which he admitted to the police. The French authorities found him legally insane and unable to stand trial, so he was sent back to Japan.

    Due to diplomatic complications between the French and Japanese governments, Sagawa has lived mostly as a free man. The fact that his father was extremely wealthy and could afford the best lawyers available certainly helped. Sagawa's father might have also paid off some of Sagawa's victims.

  • Made famous by the HBO documentary The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, Durst's alleged crimes are well known. Durst's notoriety is partly due to the fact that he committed not just one major crime, but three. Durst has been suspected in conjunction with three different murders and/or disappearances: his first wife Kathleen Durst in 1982, his neighbor Morris Black in 2001, and his friend Susan Berman in 2000.

    The real estate mogul's son admitted to dismembering Black, but was acquitted of murdering Black. Why? He claimed self-defense and the prosecution could not prove otherwise because Black's head was never found.

    On September 17, 2021, a Los Angeles jury found Durst guilty of first-degree murder for slaying Berman.