makeup Makeup Illusions From Mimi Choi That Will Mess With Your Mind  

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If you still believe the eyes never lie, then wait until you see the work of Vancouver makeup artist Mimi Choi. Mimi has gained a huge following on Instagram for her ability to manipulate makeup like no other. Mimi Choi Instagram is a world full of stunning optical illusions, created by Choi on both herself and models.

Here you'll find a collection of insanely trippy Mimi Choi makeup illusions that will make your head spin. Mimi Choi optical illusion makeup could put some Hollywood special effects crews to shame. If you're looking to feast your eyes on looks that put the "art" back in makeup art, look no further. Get ready to behold some of Mimi Choi's coolest, most amazing, and all around best looks yet.

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A Brain Squeeze Has Got To Be Worse Than Brain Freeze


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When You Can't Get Your Head On Straight


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Something's Trying To Get Out


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This Guy's Falling To Pieces


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