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12 Mindblowing 'Digimon' Fan Theories That Just Might Be True

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First appearing in the spring of 1999, Digimon has been around longer than some anime fans have been alive. Since its inception, there have been six seasons, multiple video games, movies, comic spin-offs, and a sequel series called Digimon Adventure tri. Even with all that material, there are still some plot holes that need filling, and that's where Digimon fan theories come in. Fans from all over the internet have unique and interesting views on how things really went down in the Digital World, and what different aspects of the series might allude to. Are the Four Dark Masters actually supposed to represent the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse? Are Digimon secretly corrupted Pokémon files? And what's up with the Digital World, anyway?

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    Sam Knows What The Digivice Is

    Sam Ichijouji's computer spits out the Digivice that eventually ends up in Ken's hands. Sam forbids his younger brother from touching the Digivice, which of course prompts Ken to grab it when Sam leaves the room. Sam snaps at his younger brother, telling him that he broke his trust. It's possible Sam got so angry because the Digivice is a mysterious foreign object, or because he doesn't want to take any risks that might get him in trouble with their parents. 

    However, some believe Sam knows exactly what it is, and is purposefully trying to prevent Ken from experiencing the Digital World. Support for this theory stems from the fact that he may have been friends with Ryo Akiyama, a character who is seen with Ken when he actually does go to the Digital World. Ryo may have told Sam about the Digital World and how dangerous it could be, prompting Sam to go into protective older-brother mode to shield Ken from the risks of owning a Digivice. 

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    Homeostasis Caused Kari's Illness

    Homeostasis is a digital being responsible for maintaining balance within the Digital World, even if this requires painful sacrifices. They have repeatedly possessed Kari in order to use her as a messenger to the other Digidestined, so it's possible they've interfered with her life in other ways. 

    One fan theory states that the reason Kari was coincidentally sick when her brother and the other Digidestined first went to the Digital World was because Homeostasis purposefully created her illness to maintain balance. Gatomon was supposedly waiting for Kari to show up, but gave up and ended up wandering the Digital World until she fell under the sway of the evil Myotismon. To keep balance, Homeostasis may have been keeping Kari away from the Digital World until her partner was ready for her.

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    Sora Starts Dating Matt To Make Tai Jealous

    Digimon hints at two end-game pairings: Sora/Tai and Sora/Matt. While Sora ultimately marries Matt, some believe she didn't originally start dating him because she loved him. Actually, her initial motivation was to make Tai, the person she actually had a crush on, feel jealous and make a move. 

    Evidence for this theory is found in the first movie. Sora sits around waiting for Tai to call her, and gets upset when he doesn't. Later, she makes cookies for Matt and asks Tai if he's mad about it, almost hoping that he will be. When he reacts like it doesn't bother him, she gives up, and decides to start pursuing a genuine relationship with Matt. 

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    Digimon Are Real

    Digimon are creatures that exist in what is essentially the internet. According to YouTube user MultiiMan, the fact that they exist as bits of data in online video games means they are every bit as "real" as in the show. According to this theory, the question isn't whether they're real, but whether it would be possible or advisable to bring them out of their internet world. Are players of Digimon video games really like Ken Ichijouji, taking action (maybe even villainous action) without understanding the consequences? Maybe.

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