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33 Mindy Kaling Interview Moments That Make Us Love Her Even More

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From The Office to The Mindy Project to Ocean's 8, from acting to writing to directing, Mindy Kaling is an entertainment powerhouse that has captured the hearts of many over the years. Not only is she endlessly entertaining on TV and the big screen, but she serves up just as much comedy gold on her Twitter as well.

And bouncing between hilarious to wholesome to heartfelt, she also proves to be a queen of interviews. Here are our favorite Mindy moments that showcase just how amazing the multifaceted woman is across talk shows and red carpets.

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    She Secured That Pixar Check For Her Role In 'Inside Out'

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    She Has The Most Wholesome Reason For Why She Doesn't Like Sleeping Too Much

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    She Handles Ridiculous Interview Questions In Hilarious Ways

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    She Shares What The Greatest Lesson Her Mother Passed On To Her Was

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