Graveyard Shift

The Strange Case Of The Vampire Of Mineral Point, Wisconsin

The Mineral Point Vampire has stalked the people of Mineral Point, Wisconsin, for many years and would seem like mere urban legend if it wasn't for all the credible witnesses who have encountered it. There's no way of conclusively knowing when the undead creature moved into town, but reported sightings go back to 1981.

Wisconsin vampires have faced hardships aplenty in Wisconsin, including a proposed piece of legislation seeking to make vampirism illegal. Perhaps that's the primary reason the Mineral Point Vampire disappeared for long periods of time. Despite these disappearances, the nocturnal bloodsucker most enjoys spending time in Mineral Point's Graceland Cemetery. 

Witness reports indicate at least three real-life vampire sightings between 1981 and 2008. In each case, police officers responded to resident complaints and uncovered evidence that the vampire really exists. Of course, Mineral Point police have a long history of hearing about things that go bump in the night. The city is home to the Ridgeway Phantom and the haunted Walker House in addition to the Mineral Point Vampire. Here's all the evidence that suggests this Wisconsin vampire did - and may still - exist.