The Strange Case Of The Vampire Of Mineral Point, Wisconsin

The Mineral Point Vampire has stalked the people of Mineral Point, Wisconsin, for many years and would seem like mere urban legend if it wasn't for all the credible witnesses who have encountered it. There's no way of conclusively knowing when the undead creature moved into town, but reported sightings go back to 1981.

Wisconsin vampires have faced hardships aplenty in Wisconsin, including a proposed piece of legislation seeking to make vampirism illegal. Perhaps that's the primary reason the Mineral Point Vampire disappeared for long periods of time. Despite these disappearances, the nocturnal bloodsucker most enjoys spending time in Mineral Point's Graceland Cemetery. 

Witness reports indicate at least three real-life vampire sightings between 1981 and 2008. In each case, police officers responded to resident complaints and uncovered evidence that the vampire really exists. Of course, Mineral Point police have a long history of hearing about things that go bump in the night. The city is home to the Ridgeway Phantom and the haunted Walker House in addition to the Mineral Point Vampire. Here's all the evidence that suggests this Wisconsin vampire did - and may still - exist.

  • The Description Of The Vampire Remains Consistent From Sighting To Sighting

    One thing that suggests a story is likely just urban legend is how many versions of the story evolve over time. With the Mineral Point Vampire, each witness during the vampire's three periods of activity provides a very consistent description of the undead creature.

    Considering the 23-year gap between the first two sightings, it seems highly unlikely that this was a case of one story influencing another. Instead, the description of a tall, thin, pale, and imposing caped figure remains the same. Each person also remarked that what they saw seemed like a vampire. 

  • A Police Officer Saw The Vampire In 1981

    The strange case of the Mineral Point Vampire began on a snowy night in 1981. After receiving multiple reports that someone who looked suspiciously like a vampire was haunting Graceland Cemetery, Officer John Pepper decided to go investigate. This was almost certainly a cursory visit meant to placate anxious residents, but it turned into much more when Officer Pepper spotted the vampire. The Mineral Point Vampire realized he'd been observed and fled the scene. Officer Pepper gave chase, but the vampire was ultimately too fast and got away. 

  • The Scene At The Cemetery Made No Empirical Sense

    After losing the vampire, Mineral Point Police Officer John Pepper made a report about his encounter. The vampire got away when it made a superhuman leap and easily cleared Graceland Cemetery's six foot tall fence. The next morning, Officer Pepper and a few other members of the police department went to the cemetery to look for evidence. They found snowy footprints leading to the fence, but there was nothing on the other side. This caused other officers to believe the entire thing was a ruse and they dropped the case. 

  • There Were Several Witnesses When The Vampire Returned In 2004

    The Mineral Point Vampire was dormant for 23 years after its first encounter with the police officer. By 2004, though, the vampire apparently felt safe enough to resume stalking local residents. Several witnesses claimed that a creepy looking man attacked people residing in a nearby apartment building by jumping at them from a tall tree. Again, the police dispatched officers to check out the situation. When they arrived, they spotted a man who not only fit the description of the complaints but also seemed eerily familiar.

  • The Trail Went Cold Once Again In 2004

    After police spotted the vampire in 2004, he fled again and officers gave chase. This time, they lost their prey when he seemingly flew over a 10-foot-tall wall. Although they saw the so-called vampire and found physical evidence in the form of footprints, they were unable to catch him. Just like before, the footprints disappeared at the wall as if the person making them simply flew away. Perhaps the Mineral Point Vampire took the form of a bat as he leapt clear of the police officers.  

  • A Third Sighting Occurred In 2008

    The Mineral Point Vampire may have felt emboldened by his two escapes because he resurfaced for the third time only four years after the second incident. Instead of being out in the open this time, the vampire chose to stalk would-be victims from a more subtle location. A couple fishing heard the vampire before they spotted him. They then watched as he climbed up from under the jetty before running away terrifed. In a moment of pure instinct, Brandon Heinz attempted to defend himself and his girlfriend by throwing his flashlight at the oncoming vampire. Heinz then fled to his car, which enabled the couple to flee mere seconds before the vampire could reach them.