Photography This Photographer Creates Oddly Satisfying Miniatures Of Everyday Life  

Mick Jacobs
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When it comes to the concept of "less is more," Tatsuya Tanaka photography hits the nail on the head. His miniature life portraits transport the viewer into a tiny world of wonders, created through a collection of everyday items and the perfect staging. Utilizing electrical outlets, the human body, and lots of yummy food, Tanaka's photographs of life in miniature say thousands of words with only a few inches of subject matter. Tanaka's photos recall the techniques used by filmmakers to portray miniature movie sets as gigantic, sometimes even sprawling, monuments and landscapes.

Below are some of his finest works, tiny worlds fit for the tiniest of organisms. When it comes to framing a story in his work, Tanaka relies on history and pop culture for subject matter. Aliens, anime, and even ancient history all come alive in these microcosms made from the mundane. For those of you in search for a new coffee table book, Tanaka has a collection of these tiny photos in book form as well. So take a gander through his wonderful miniature pictures and try to picture caviar the same way again.

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Miniature Car Life

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Tokyo Skytree

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