20 Pieces Of Amazing Minimalist Fan Art That Real Fans Will Recognize In An Instant

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Some of the world's most recognizable characters need little more than a couple of well-placed lines and a solid color scheme to make themselves known. In the artwork created by DeviantArt's Arnumdrusk, many of fiction's greatest figures make a huge impact with only a few elements in his minimal mania character series. Arnumdrusk's minimally drawn characters rely on their famous visages to display a unique yet instantly recognizable fashion. Much like minimal Pokémon art, drawings of characters in a minimalist style focus on the distinctive features of a particular individual to reveal and revel in their identity.

Arnumdrusk's minimal characters come from all areas of pop culture. While a strong portion come from Disney, many also come from the world of anime, comic books, and even Internet tales. Though each portrait uses less detail than a standard portrait, they nonetheless remain immediately recognizable. Most would pair nicely with minimal posters of your favorite TV shows, and all of them make for great new ways to picture some incredibly famous characters. Check out Arnumdrusk's illustrations below and vote up the characters you recognize in a heartbeat. 

Photo: flickr / CC0