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27 Minimalist Naruto Tattoos That Subtly Pay Homage

February 25, 2020 17.6k votes 2.2k voters 106.3k views27 items

Kudos to those who get gigantic, splashy images of their favorite Naruto characters emblazoned on the most visible parts of their bodies, but that takes a special kind of bravery that not every fan has. For many fans hoping to get a tattoo that references their favorite ninja-themed show, they'd rather take a more minimalist approach.

Whether they're tiny tattoos that can be easily concealed, or images of obscure symbols that non-fans won't pick up on, these subtle Naruto tattoos will clue in the people who love the show, but won't advertise your nerdy proclivities to everyone and their mother. Which one is your favorite?

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    You Can Totally Pretend This Is Just A Sun

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    The Uchiha Clan Has Never Looked So Pretty

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    Show Your Konoha Pride...Subtly

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    If Someone Starts Crying When They See This Tattoo, You Know They're A Fellow Fan

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