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31 Minion Quotes Your Mom Has Probably Shared

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Somehow, between their appearances in the 2010 film, Despicable Me, 2013's Despicable Me 2, and 2015's Minions, these tertiary Minion characters have become a cultural phenomenon. Even though they're basically just yellow, cylindrical blobs that don't speak English, they’ve shown up in everything - from video games to theme park rides to books.  

Minions are basically the Alf of a new generation. Which is totally fine; this is children's entertainment, and children's entertainment always finds a way to permeate adult culture. But for whatever reason, middle aged women have begun to grow inexplicably attached to these little yellow guys. Women aged 45+ have imbued Minions with a sense of inspiration, turning them into the new “Hang in There” cat.  

If you don’t know what we’re talking about (which, you totally do, because you have a mom), imagine an e-card, but with a Minion and a completely unrelated aphorism. It’s super embarrassing, and your mom LOVES it. She loves it so much that we had to put together a list of Minion quotes that your mom has probably shared.

We don’t know why so many middle-aged women have latched onto the Minion quote craze, but they seem to love it, and who are we to tell them how to spend their time on the Internet? After staring at Minion photos for an hour, we can see how they’re the perfect tabula rasa with which to project your deepest worries and fears. We know you’re very cool, but just let your mom have this one meme all to herself. If you find that you're just too embarrassed, that’s what Facebook filters are for.  

Vote on the Minions quote that moms are most likely to share, and leave some words of wisdom of your own in the comment section. 
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    If I Ever Got A Tattoo - This Would Be It!

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    I Wouldn't Know Anything About This, Would I Honey? JKJK!

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    Jury Duty Today, Wish Me Luck!

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    Sounds Exactly Like Janet To Me!

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