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13 Major Fan Theories About Minor Disney Characters

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Enough has been said about Simba, Ariel, Aladdin, Elsa, Belle, Mulan, and the like. We're here to spotlight the unsung Disney characters - those that are lacking lines but not intrigue. Chip, Emily, Fa Zhou, Blenny, and Pudge may not be household names, but each has an amazing story that deserves to be told. Such stories exist in the subtext of Disney films or in the heads of obsessive Disney fans. But before you dismiss these as conjecture, just know that some of the crazier fan theories have actually been confirmed by Disney creators.

So keep your mind open for the following fan theories that reveal major details about minor Disney characters.  

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    The Principal Knows The Incredibles' Secret 

    Photo: The Incredibles / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    From Redditor u/lukemoyerphotography:

    In the beginning of The Incredibles, Dash is in trouble because his teacher claims he put a tack on his chair, and he has video proof. Everyone acts like they don't believe the teacher even though there is clear movement in the video. Since the secret identities of supers are protected by the government, it would make sense if the principals knew who in their school was super. Since he can't blow their cover, the principal acts like he doesnt see Dash move in the video.

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    The Merchant From The Beginning Of 'Aladdin' Is Genie In Disguise

    Photo: Aladdin / Buena Vista Pictures

    It's difficult to pinpoint a source for this theory, since it has been circulating for many years, but it was actually confirmed by Aladdin's directors! The movie was supposed to end with that reveal (check out the partially-animated scene) but it was ultimately cut. 

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    Emily, Jessie's Original Owner, Is Andy's Mom

    Photo: daisycruiserz / Tumblr

    Originally from Tumblr user daisycruiserz, but further explained by Redditor u/wickywyld:

    I can see the mom being Emily. The "wouldn't Jessie recall her?" argument doesn't hold much weight for me. Why does Woody only recall Andy? Why when shown how popular he had been in the past did he not have any recollection of said event? He had to have been produced and given to somebody before Andy, right? There was mention of him being a family heirloom. I'm not sure I place much emphasis on the toy's memories.

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    The Fly That Gets Eaten In 'The Emperor’s New Groove' Was Once A Human

    Photo: The Emperor's New Groove / Buena Vista Pictures

    From Redditor u/lish_94:

    I had a random thought the other day about Disney's The Emperor's New Groove. While Kuzco is walking in the forest in his llama form, he sees a fly screaming "Help me!" before it gets devoured by a spider. Now, this is done for comedic value in the film, but I think it's something much darker.

    The only animals that we see that are able to speak in the film are those that were originally human. Take Kuzco and Yzma (her cat form) for example. Neither of them are seen to be able to talk with other animals, like the squirrel who is portrayed to communicate with squeaks and they are left to interpret what the squirrel is saying through the gestures it makes.

    So, my theory is that the fly was originally human. This would explain why Kuzco is able to understand its cries for help, but then it gets brutally eaten by the spider and Kuzco is left mortified. Whether or not if he realised the fly was in a similar situation to him (having been turned into an animal/insect) is up for debate still. 

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