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Minor MCU Characters Who Had No Business Going So Hard

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Even the smallest roles can provide actors with an opportunity to shine in one way or another, and the best minor MCU characters prove this to a tee. You don't need a heaping helping of screen time to make a lasting impression. Some characters, like Hogun from the Thor films and Ellen Brandt from Iron Man 3, have nothing but an intense nature about them. Others, like Kurt from the Ant-Man movies and Garthan Saal from Guardians of the Galaxy, stand out thanks to their comedic nature.

Then there are those like Spider-Man: Far From Home's Seamstress and Black Widow's Ursa Major who make the most of an appearance that lasts around a mere 60 seconds. Whether they are recurring sidekicks or momentary throwaways, here are some of the most obscure MCU characters who made an emphatic impression.

  • Photo: Thor: Ragnarok / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    As is the case with many Asgardians, from Odin to Sif, Hogun has absolutely zero chill. Along with Fandral and Volstagg, Hogun makes up "The Warriors Three," AKA Thor's closest Asgardian buddies. Volstagg is the hefty, joyful one. Fandral is the one who looks a lot like Robin Hood and is played by two different actors in the MCU. And Hogun is the serious one who doesn't take any crap from anybody.

    Volstagg and Fandral were easily taken out by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, while Hogun actually managed to put up a fight against the Goddess of Death. Hogun stared her down and stood tall in the face of his destruction and, for a second there, we thought he might make it out alive. Tadanobu Asano's portrayal is that intense.

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    Sharon Davis ('WandaVision')

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    There are plenty of moments in WandaVision that let the viewer know something just isn't quite right with whatever the heck is going on in Westview, NJ. The fake commercials of the show are more than a little off. The jumpscare involving an undead Vision is a particularly shocking highlight. And remember that time when Wanda became pregnant in the blink of an eye? But the most upsetting moment of the entire show, hands down, is when Vision's boss begins choking near the end of the first episode.

    His wife, Mrs. Hart (really Sharon Davis reality-warped by Wanda), begins laughing and repeating "Stop it!" over and over and over again. It feels more at home in a David Lynch project than the MCU, and Debra Jo Rupp sells it to the nth degree.

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    W'Kabi ('Black Panther')

    Booking Daniel Kaluuya to play such a small character in Black Panther was an utter coup for Ryan Coogler, Kevin Feige, and company. And Kaluuya, the incredible actor that he is, provides a deft performance as T'Challa's good friend, W'Kabi. All it takes for W'Kabi to turn on his best friend in the world is for Erik Killmonger to show up with the body of Ulysses Klaue in a bag.

    Killmonger seemingly takes out T'Challa at one point in the movie, and W'Kabi doesn't much seem to care! This outsider took out the man who slaughtered his parents, so he is 100% on his side, no questions asked. He even goes up against his own wife, Okoye, at the end of the movie. Perhaps he should've taken a second to think things over before acting so rashly?

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    Garthan Saal ('Guardians of the Galaxy')

    "What a bunch of a-holes." Peter Serafinowicz's Garthan Saal spoke that line in the first trailer for 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, and people who had never even heard of the comic book team before were on board for the movie. Serafinowicz imbues Saal with a deadpan distaste of everything that is happening around him at all times. For instance, he calls Rocket a hamster, which is actually pretty funny.

    When he and the Nova Corps assist the Guardians against Ronan during the film's climax, he tells Star-Lord that he "advised against trusting [them]" with nothing but vitriol in his voice. Saal perished during that battle, and he went out the same way he lived: being a total curmudgeon. 

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