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Mirror Mirror Movie Quotes

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'Mirror Mirror' movie quotes include some of the funniest lines in this 2012 comedy movie that takes on the classic tale of 'Snow White.' Julia Roberts stars as the Evil Queen, a woman determined to rule the kingdom with an iron fist. When the beautiful Snow White (Lily Collins) disrupts her master plans, she plots revenge -- with hilarious results. This list offers some of the best quotes from 'Mirror Mirror,' so if you have a favorite, vote for it. And, if you've seen 'Mirror Mirror' and your personal favorite quote isn't listed, add it.

In 'Mirror Mirror,' the Evil Queen has taken control of the kingdom that rightly belongs to Snow White. The Queen has her sights set on the handsome Prince Andrew Alcott (Armie Hammer), as she thinks that his wealth will help her save the kingdom from ruin. Unfortunately for her, Prince Alcott is smitten by Snow White -- so the Queen does everything in her power to make sure they cannot be together, with help from her assistant, Brighton (Nathan Lane). Snow White has other ideas. With the help of the seven dwarfs, she makes plans to take back her kingdom.

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    Of Course Her Skin is Good

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    Evil Queen: "Blah blah blah, her hair is not black, it's raven and she's 18 years old -- and her skin has never seen the sun, so of course it's good."

    Julia Roberts delivers this great line, and really, she kind of has a point: Snow White should have fair, smooth skin at her age...
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    Evil Queen: "They're not wrinkles. They're just crinkles."

    This Evil Queen really needs to calm down. What about trying Botox? Micro skin peels? She has options to fight the natural aging process.
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    Who's the Fairest?

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    Evil Queen: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"
    Mirror: "Snow White."

    Ah, the age-old question and still, the same answer: Snow White is truly the fairest in the land. And once again, in 'Mirror Mirror' the Evil Queen (Julia Roberts) is filled with jealousy and a desire for vengance. This can't be good for Snow...
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    Terrifying, Smooth and Hairless

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    Prince Alcott (to the Evil Queen): "Please pardon our dress. I'm afraid my valet and I were robbed by bandits."
    Evil Queen: "How absolutely terrifying and smooth and...hairless..."
    Prince Alcott: "What?"
    Evil Queen: "What?"

    The Evil Queen immediately likes what she sees: A half-naked, gorgeous prince. Oh, and he's rich, so if she can marry him, she'll have no problems financially. Time to start making evil plans...
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