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Movie Trailers Are Lying To You

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On some level, everybody knows movie trailers are lying to them. They're specifically designed to get audiences excited about a movie, so they often showcase the best, most exciting sections of the film they're promoting. Of course, the finished film also includes scenes that are less incredible, so a lot of bad movies with epic trailers can feel like a bit of a let down.

While some movie trailers trick you by rearranging the order of scenes to make the plot seem different, others are out and out faked. When the final movie comes out, audiences realize there are missing trailer scenes that apparently never made it into the finished product.

There are dozens of examples of trailer scenes not in movies, and it can sometimes feel like audiences are being manipulated. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is notorious for these types of trailers, but they're far from the only offenders.

  • The 'Fantastic Four' Trailer Featured Some 12 Scenes Not In The Movie
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    2015's Fantastic Four is a universally derided film that few people enjoyed watching. That said, the trailer has a couple scenes that suggest the movie could have been dark, moody, and potentially exciting. Unfortunately, something like 12 scenes from that trailer never made it into the final product, probably as a result of the film's extensive reshoots.

    Many of the missing scenes are relatively insignificant, but they feature important character implications hinting at a truly competent film. For example, Johnny Storm never says "flame on" in the film, and he doesn't actually check on the countless dead left by Dr. Doom. Similarly, Sue Storm misses out on a scene where she cradles her lifeless brother in her arms. There's also an extended look at Ben Grimm's backstory and life as a baseball player. Instead, viewers get nothing but bland action and unmotivated characters.

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  • The 'Godzilla' Trailer Lied About Bryan Cranston
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    After Matthew Broderick's horrific Godzilla film back in 1998, early trailers seemed to indicate the 2014 Godzilla film was a thrilling return to form. It boasts gorgeous visuals, lots of action, and a healthy dose of Bryan Cranston.

    Cranston was riding high after all his success in Breaking Bad, and audiences were excited he'd be in the new monster movie. Though he is in the film somewhat, Cranston's character is pretty much dead before the end of the first act, and audiences realized the trailers had misled them pretty thoroughly.

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    'Alien: Covenant' Trailers Filmed Entirely New, Unused Scenes

    'Alien: Covenant' Trailers Filmed Entirely New, Unused Scenes
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    The marketing for Alien: Covenant included filming several scenes not featured in the final film. Some were understandable, like the standalone "prologue" called The Crossing which attempts to tie the events of Prometheus to Covenant. However, other trailers contain entire sequences that certainly seem like they'd make it into the final film, but were cut in their entirety.

    Specifically, the trailer titled "She Won't Go Quietly" gave the impression that the Xenomorph would spend extended time on the ship terrorizing the crew. In reality, the majority of the film takes place on some random planet. There is certainly a bit of onboard action with the alien, but it's extremely different from the trailer.

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  • The 'A Good Day To Die Hard' Trailer Was Actually More Sexy Than The Film
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    In almost every instance where a trailer intentionally alters a sequence from the final film, the changes are made to hide something from viewers. It could be a plot reveal the producers don't want to give away, or toned down violence like in the It trailer. For the fifth Die Hard film, the trailer alteration actually made the teaser more revealing than the movie itself. 

    In the trailer, there's a scene of a woman stripping off her skintight leather motorcycle outfit to reveal lingerie and quite a bit of skin. Strangely, in the actual film, the camera cuts away from her before she reveals any skin at all. Considering the film's R-rating, this is a strange move on the part of the filmmakers.


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