The Best Mismatched Movie Couples

Hollywood loves to put together mismatched couples. Sometimes, these oddball relationships work out, and we can expect that the couple will live happily ever after, like Edward and Vivian in Pretty Woman. Other times, these pairings are simply not meant to be, like Alvy and Annie, in Annie Hall. Whether or not the couple makes it for the long haul, or burns out after a brief spark, one thing is for sure, opposites certainly do attract and there are lots of examples of odd couples in movies.

There are a million reasons why these famous Hollywood movie couples make for a strange pairing. Perhaps it’s because of an incredible age difference, like the teenage boy Harold and the octogenarian Maude, in the 1971 twist on the romantic comedy Harold and Maude. Maybe it’s because the couple are actually brother and sister, like Luke and Leia in Star Wars. In their defense they didn’t find out that they were twins until The Return of the Jedi. However, Richie and Margot from The Royal Tenebaums, did know they were brother and sister. Sure, Margot was adopted, but that’s still pretty gross.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, perhaps a couple seems a bit odd, because well, their significant other only exists in their imagination, like Lars’s girlfriend in Lars and the Real Girl. Of course, there is the whole inter-species thing as well, like Allen and Madison, in the literal fish out of water comedy Splash.  

Regardless of the reason why these couples in films are mismatched, and whether they live happily ever after or not, they're here on this list of Hollywood and cinema's best mismatched couples, waiting for you to decide which of them is one of the best movie couples, despite being an odd pairing.

Vote up the famous couples in movies who, though a bit of a mismatch, are great, memorable, and some of the best film couples ever. Don't see a couple you think is the most mismatched in film? Add them below!

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  • Edward Scissorhands and Kim
    530 votes

    Edward Scissorhands and Kim

    Edward Scissorhands
  • Beast and Belle
    563 votes

    Beast and Belle

    Beauty and the Beast
  • Shrek and Princess Fiona
    534 votes

    Shrek and Princess Fiona

  • WALL-E and EVE
    304 votes

    WALL-E and EVE

  • Roger and Jessica
    309 votes

    Roger and Jessica

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • Han and Leia
    278 votes

    Han and Leia