Weird History Fans Share The Words They Hate To Hear Mispronounced

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We have conversations all of the time. Whether we're talking to friends, family, colleagues, or strangers, word exchanges go back and forth about everything from the substantive to the mundane. But have you ever been having a conversation and the other person says a word wrong? And it immediately throws you off, send you down a spiral, and derails the whole thing? 

We definitely have - and we're not alone.

Without a doubt, language is tricky and, honestly, English is a bit of a mess. From eggcorns to idioms to smart-sounding words that we try to say but can't, talking is hard. Here are some pretty common words that are often mispronounced though - ones that are especially troublesome to hear. In fact, they kind of make our ears hurt. How about you? 

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    From Jamie:

    When people say “pacific” instead of “specific,” makes me cringe all over.

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    From Joshua:

    The other day I was chatting with a co-worker and she said “liberry” instead of "library."

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    From Elizabeth:

    When people say Happy “Valentime’s” Day, it’s shocking how many adults say it that way. If my kids are with me, I pull them to the side and whisper the right way to say it. I just don’t want them to mispronounce it…

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    From Elizabeth:

    “Especially.” Soooo many people pronounce it “exspecially.” It annoys me so bad!

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    From Arlena:

    "Espresso!!! I hear Expresso all the time. If you can’t pronounce it correctly, you don’t deserve the rich bold coffee that is!"

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    From Brian:

    I once worked with a lady that always said, “That's a MUTE point.” And boy did she hate being corrected.

    Sheryl added:

    My boss used to say “moo” instead of moot. 

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