15 People Share The Obvious Signs Of Flirting They Missed So You Don't Miss Them Too

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Have you ever been in the position where you are the only one that didn't realize that the cute person you met at the bar was flirting with you? Well, you are not the only one. These Redditor's went through similar experiences and are sharing their stories of signs of flirting that they totally missed. If you're worried you've been missing obvious flirting, then read these stories and open your eyes to all the hints that someone is interested.

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    He Kept Asking If He Could "Wear Their Lipstick" So They Gave It To Him

    From a Redditor:

    One guy kept asking me could he wear my lipstick. I took my lipstick out of my bag a gave it to him. Worst part was he put it on.

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    They Were Offered A Sleepover But Walked Home In The Snow Instead

    From Redditor u/Starlite19:

    Was with some friends and their roommates. There was a pretty bad snowstorm outside, but I lived like a 10-minute walk from there so no biggie. One of the roommates told me "It's bad outside, you should sleep here, there's plenty of space in my bed." I said: "Nah it's fine I don't live far." Even my friend told me "Dude, you should stay wink-wink" Still went home...

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    She Texted And Asked Them To Come Over To "Calm Her Down" But They Went To Sleep

    From Redditor u/Peanutbutterwhisky:

    A girl that I’ve made out a few times with at parties, that lives like 10 minutes away. Did call me at 11 pm saying she was alone and she was kind of scared and asked if I wanted to come over and calm her down. Me being an idiot I replied well you got a dog and I’m tired.

    I still hate myself for that.

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    She Offered Up Her Hands To Hold And They High-Fived Instead

    From Redditor u/gjJones64:

    I had an awkward summer romance and during this after a faculty performance, before anything happened between us, I walked her back to her dorm and we stood there in front of her building talking about the performance and such. When the conversation came to a lull, she held out her hands semi palms up and looked up at me with these gorgeous blue eyes... and then I looked down at her hands, gave her a double high five and walked away.

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    She Drove Out To See Them At University When No One Else Would

    From a former Redditor:

    I am professionally awesome at completely missing hints.

    I was in orchestra (played viola) throughout middle and high school and there was a fellow violist who, in hindsight, was probably interested in me for a significant portion of that time. She was a year younger than me and we spent a fair amount of time together due to orchestra activities but... I just never got it.

    Some examples:

    My orchestra director once all but told me that this girl liked me. She said something along the lines of "[the girl] was trying to impress someone at the social, wink wink." I probably responded obliviously with something like, "Oh, is that so..."

    When I graduated, I went to university pretty close to where we all lived. After she graduated, she drove out to my dorm to see me, for really no great reason other than to see me. Even my own parents hadn't come out to visit me once at this point. If you think I couldn't be more dense, wait, here comes the good part.

    I talk with her a bit and show her around some of campus and as we're walking back to her car, she jokingly asks if I've met anyone during my year in college. I say "No, how about you?" pretty intent on continuing to stupidly make small talk. She turns to me and says something along the lines of, "Actually, there's this guy that I've liked for a while, but he's older than me and I've never told him." And she's saying this with a smile on her face, kind of looking at me expectantly.

    And in true idiot fashion, without missing a beat, I reply with "Yeah? Well that's great, good luck with school!" And I leave her in the parking lot.

    It wasn't until months later, in a state of mental clarity brought on only by a heavy bowel movement did I realize, Holy Smokes; I'm a huge *sshole.

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    She Asked Them To Come Over For Wine And They Declined

    From Redditor u/ImInJeopardy:

    In a page literally taken from the book of George Costanza, I was with some friends and they had invited this girl to come with us. The girl and I were chatting over some beers, and she invites me over to her apartment for some wine. I said no because I don't like mixing wine and beer, as I feel it makes the hangover worse the next day.

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