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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Movie Quotes

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation movie quotes bring another installment in the Mission: Impossible action film series, the fifth in the modern franchise. Christopher McQuarrie wrote and directed the film using a story he co-created with Drew Pearce. With Tom Cruise, J. J. Abrams and David Ellison among the producers, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation opened in theaters in the United States on July 31, 2015.

In Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Tom Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt, IMF leader, who takes on nearly impossible tasks to thwart bad guys. This time, the IMF comes under fire from two sources, the CIA, which, led by Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) looks to shut down the IMF, and the Syndicate, which has been trained just like the IMF, but uses their skills for evil and is coming after the IMF.

So Ethan, along with William Brandt (Jeremy Renner), Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg), Isla Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) and Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames), the IMF works to keep them self out of trouble with the CIA and attempts to take down the Syndicate, both tasks being quite impossible missions against rogue nations, or so the title suggests.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation joins theaters also showing other fun films such as Pixels, Southpaw, Paper Towns, and Ant-Man.
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    The Time Has Come to Dissolve the IMF

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    Alan Hunley: Mr. Chairman, the time has come to dissolve the IMF. It's not just a rogue organization, it's a disgraced one.
    William Brandt: Shutting down the IMF is a mistake you might regret.
    Alan Hunley: You and your team will answer for every wanton act of mayhem you are responsible for.
    William Brandt: Now we are all wanted by the CIA... Awesome.

    Alan Hundley testifies about the importance of shutting down the IMF, a move that William Brandt urges is a bad one. Hunley is not convinced by Brandt's words and puts the known IMF agents, Brandt included, on a CIA watch list.
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    A Minute Ago You Were Dead

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    Benji Dunn: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, are you okay to drive? A minute ago you were dead.
    Ethan Hunt: What are you talking about?
    Benji Dunn: This is not going to end well.

    After drowning in the pressurized water tank, Benji wonders if Ethan is cool to drive on a high speed chase around a city with narrow roads. Ethan doesn't seem to realize that moments earlier he was nearly dead and drives anyway.
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    Open the Door!

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    William Brandt: That plane cannot take off with that package on it.
    Ethan Hunt: I'm on the plane. Open the door!
    Luther Stickell: Come on!
    Benji Dunn: Yeah, I'm trying.
    William Brandt: Benji, open that door right now!
    Benji Dunn: Oh my god!

    Urgently trying to get aboard an airplane carrying a dangerous package, Ethan grabs hold of the outside of the plane as it takes off. The plan was to have Benji open the door so Ethan could go inside, but that isn't working out too well.
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    12 Feet of Concrete and 70,000 Gallons of Pressurized Water

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    Isla Faust: You have to get through 12 feet of concrete and 70,000 gallons of pressurized water without any metal.
    Ethan Hunt: No oxygen tanks
    Ethan Hunt: Benji, stand by to receive.
    Luther Stickell: Ethan, you ready?
    Benji Dunn: Important point: If you haven't opened that tank after two-and-a-half minutes, we're both dead.

    Ethan and his team have a tough mission ahead. Not only do they have to get through 12 feet of concrete, but also have to get through 70,000 gallons of water, in 180 seconds, with no oxygen tank. Sounds fun!
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