Misspelled Signs Held by People Who Love English

We've all seen them - those folks who stand around on street corners or in front of government buildings, exercising their their right to free speech by hating on the language of others. And why not? As members of a country founded by immigrants, it's only natural that they insist we put an immediate halt to immigration. To take it one step further, they also feel that English should be the one and only language spoken in America. And while knowing English is indeed a handy skill, it's probably one you want to master before advocating on its behalf. What do we mean, you ask? Trust us, when you get a load of the misspelled signs below, all your questions will be answered with unfortunate clarity.

It seems that poor grammar on signs has become a sort of trademark of the uninformed anti-immigration movement. Most of these funny sign mistakes, however, wouldn’t be nearly as hilarious if it weren’t for the oblivious folks holding them. Whether it’s misspelled words or grammar mistakes, these anti-immigration signs by English lovers are enough to make any second grader cringe.

So no matter what your political persuasion, you'll get a kick out of this list. At the very least, you might just learn how to spell “amnesty.” 
Photo: flickr / CC0