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Weird History
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Mistakes That Created Modern America

Updated 26 Mar 2019 168.9k views14 items

The biggest political mistakes of both the past and present are debated ceaselessly, but governance-related blunders aren’t the only miscalculations that can change the world. In fact, some of the biggest mistakes in American history were unrelated to politics. Important and impactful gaffes can occur in any field - including science, engineering, business, and the military - and their consequences can often impact all of society.

Some of those mistakes have been so impactful that they’ve changed the course of American history, especially when they coincide with important events. Errors in judgment or judiciousness can happen to anyone, but only a select few are unfortunate - or in some cases, fortunate - enough for their screwups to alter the history books in a major way. It’s safe to say the modern United States of America would not exist as it does now without a handful of notable bungles along the way. 

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