Weird History

The Insanely Violent Life Of The Greatest Samurai Of All Time

History is rich with accounts of famous samurai, as well as samurai accomplishing incredible feats with their warrior mastery. One of the greatest samurai of all time, however, would most likely be Musashi Miyamoto (1584 –1645), if for no other reason than that he was never defeated. These true Musashi Miyamoto stories illustrate, beyond a doubt, that he epitomized the lifestyle of an unparalleled samurai.

Musashi – known as Miyamoto Musashi to English speakers – never commanded armies, though he did fight in several battles. His claim to fame was his perfect dueling record. The legendary swordsman traveled Japan for years challenging and defeating every opponent he encountered. After dueling all of Japan's most-skilled swordsmen, he wrote a book on the discipline of swordsmanship: A Book of Five Rings. Musashi's legend lives on through his writings, the tales of his life, and the school of kenjutsu – or swordsmanship – he founded.