Who Will Win The 2022 World Series?

Who will win the 2022 World Series? On opening day of the 2022 MLB season, it's the only question baseball fans are asking. Every baseball year, thirty MLB franchises take to the diamond to decide the best team in baseball. To win a World Series title, a baseball team needs smooth pitching, strong hitting, sharp fielding, gritty baserunning chops, management guile, and good team chemistry. That's why one team wins the World Series every year. So, who will win the World Series this year? Which baseball teams can win the 2022 pennant?

In 2022 Major League Baseball, the Atlanta Braves are in the mix to defend their World Series title, while their rival New York Mets will give them a challenge just for the National League East, let alone the 2022 MLB pennant. In the American League, there are the up-and-coming Toronto Blue Jays trying to repeat last season's success and hold off the New York Yankees. Can the Los Angeles Dodgers get back on top?

Check out the odds for all the 2022 World Series contenders below, and vote for your championship baseball picks. Then keep checking back as the season goes along to see how quickly things the MLB playoff standings can change.

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