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20 Small Details From Disney's 'Moana', Spotted By Fans

November 4, 2020 3.4k votes 440 voters 40.7k views20 items

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Disney's first Polynesian princess, Moana, made her debut in her film of the same name back in 2016 and continues to make waves in the fandom. Repeat viewers across the internet have paid extra attention to the artistry poured into this labor of love and keep finding small details that just make the film richer. This is a collection of small details you may have missed when watching Moana for the first time, spotted by fans.

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    Maui's Animators Were Given A Lot Of Wiggle Room

    From Redditor u/sethbenw:

    When Moana first meets Maui, he gives her the "People's Eyebrow," Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's signature move.

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    We're Given A Neat Insight To The Average Age Of Chiefs On Moana's Island

    From Redditor u/THATnerdinschool:

    In Moana, the sacred place has 15 stones of past chiefs, if given the average life expectancy was around 65, then that would be ~1000 years they've been on the island, which is how long ago that Maui stole the Heart of Te Fiti and when the ancient chiefs first forbid voyaging.

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    Maui Is A Stickler For Branding

    When Maui transforms into his hawk form, you can see a pattern in his feathers that resembles the magical hook he carries.

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    There's An Homage To The King Of Monsters

    When Moana and Maui enter the Realm of Monsters, they quickly come across a number of creatures of various shapes and sizes. Among these is a very familiar silhouette in the distance resembling The King of Monsters himself, Godzilla.

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