Weird Nature Watch This Model Dog Pose Perfectly For Fashion Photographer  

Rebecca High

Making a model is a long-term project. Learning to walk the runway, angle yourself in just the right ways, and allow that inner model vibe to shine on camera - all tough parts of the job. And that's only the beginning. But as this video shows, some dogs are just born with it.

At a Dolce & Gabbana photo shoot in Palermo, Sicily, "Crispi" was getting her photos taken but eating up every moment of the experience.

With that perfect, collected indifference and innate knowledge of just when to turn her head or shoulders, Crispi pulled off an epic photo shoot, responding to the photographer's laughing commands as she snapped away.

Not only is Crispi the star of this hilarious video, but she's also an ancient, rare dog breed, the "Cirneco dell'Etna" - which certainly sounds elegant enough to be a model. Maybe that's where she gets it.