15 Modern Action Anime You Probably Haven't Seen

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The past five years have yielded a plethora of spectacular action anime. But while you've certainly seen or at least heard of smash hits like My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Demon Slayer, and Jujutsu Kaisen, there are a lot of lesser-known modern action anime that are worth checking out.

Love watching hyper-muscular dudes brawl in an arena? Try Kengan Ashura. Want something utterly surreal? Try Sarazanmai. If you're an action fan, there's sure to be something on this list you'll love - and hopefully, there will be a few series you haven't even heard of.



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    Kemono Jihen
    Photo: Kemono Jihen / Ajia-Do

    Kohachi Inugami is a detective who deals in the occult. His work takes him to a rural Japanese village where the mutilated bodies of livestock have been appearing with seemingly no explanation. As he checks out the area, he encounters a young farmhand named Kabane Kusaka who has been rejected by his peers because of his terrible smell.

    The boy has no idea what Inugami wants from him, but the two of them find that the world is filled with terrifying creatures called Kemono. Kabane soon finds that he may be more connected to the Kemono than he realizes - and he finds a new purpose in life in fighting against them.

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    Sirius the Jaeger

    Sirius the Jaeger
    Photo: Sirius The Jaeger / P.A. Works

    In an alternate version of 1930s Tokyo that's overrun by vampires, a mysterious group called the Jaegers works to slay them. But what they aren't telling the cops is that they're working to get their hands on the Ark of Sirius, an incredibly powerful artifact that they want to keep out of vampire hands at all costs.

    Among their most powerful members is Yuliy, a young man who survived a vampire attack that took down his family - or so he believes. 

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    Photo: Deca-Dence / Nut

    After lifeforms called the Gadoll take over most of the world, humanity is confined to a massive fortress called Tank. Within Tank lives a group called the Gears, whose job is to go out and fight the Gadoll. Meanwhile, Tankers provide backup and support.

    Natsume is a Tanker, but she wants to see some frontline action. But no matter how hard she tries, she just can't seem to get approved. She starts working as a cleaner for the armor repair team. Their leader, Kaburagi, notices that Natsume has the potential to upend the status quo, and begins mentoring her. 

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    Photo: Kuromukuro / P.A. Works

    Yukina Shirahane's mother is the head researcher at the United Nations Kurobe Research Institute, an organization that was established to study an ancient artifact. When Yukina goes to visit her mother, she ends up solving part of the artifact's puzzle.

    This summons Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma, a Sengoku-era samurai who is determined to protect her. The opportunity to do so arises when aliens invade earth. 

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    Devils' Line
    Photo: Devils' Line / Platinum Vision

    Who says the Twilight era is over? If you love vampire romance as much as you love action, this show is a great pick. After Tsukasa Taira's friend suddenly reveals himself to be a bloodthirsty vampire, she's rescued by a human-vampire hybrid named Yuuki Anzai.

    Partially because of his unique skills as a hybrid, he works as a police officer whose job is to manage dangerous vampire activities. Tsukasa finds herself drawn to him - but can their romance really flourish when Yuuki kind of wants to chow down on human flesh?

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    Kengan Ashura
    Photo: Kengan Ashura / Larx Entertainment

    In the world of Kengan Ashura, business deals are anything but boring. That's because they're settled not through meetings but through gladitorial battles between hired fighters. 

    Ouma Tokita, also known as "The Ashura," is an up-and-coming warrior who is hired to represent the Nogi Group. His manager is a regular middle-aged man named Kazuo Yamashita. Together, the two of them participate in fights hosted by the Kengan Association, and try to prove their strength. 

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