Weird History

Groundbreaking Archaeological Finds That Have Been Discovered Since You Were In School

As archaeologists uncover new settlements, dig up previously undiscovered burial sites, and unearth well-preserved ephemera from tens of thousands of years ago, one thing becomes increasingly true: So much of what you learned in school is totally, wildly wrong now.

Massive, sprawling cities have been found in areas that were never thought to be populated; religious structures have changed the way we believe nomadic hunter-gatherers congregated; and new discoveries are constantly throwing off our perceived timeline of human development - forcing scientists to reevaluate what they thought they knew as fact.

From stone spear tips crafted by extinct proto-humans half a million years ago, to an embalmed mummy discovered in Egypt that pre-dates our predictions about mummification - and even the written word - by a thousand years - the last two decades have unearthed literal treasure troves of information that reshape and redefine so much of what we think we know. Here's a look at some of the most mindblowing and groundbreaking recent archaeological finds.