Modern Buzzwords That Are Way Older Than You'd Think

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Language evolves like a biological creature, but linguistic progression occurs more rapidly than natural development. The vernacular of our parents' generation is already greatly removed from today's slang words, and texts from a few years ago could be considered "fossil records" by etymologists who study the origin of words to gain cultural insight. 

Examining the history of our language uncovers the hidden meanings behind words we all hear on a regular basis. Many popular sayings have surprisingly interesting roots and some of the best old timey slang fell out of vogue far too soon. 

Every year, new words, phrases, and slang terms enter the global dialogue. While some popular sayings come and go without much fuss, certain buzzwords manage to capture public attention and the general zeitgeist of an era.

The current political climate has given birth to countless notable buzzwords, but many seemingly modern idioms have surprisingly lengthy backstories.