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This Artist Reimagines Your Favorite Female Disney Characters As Modern-Day Women

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Fernanda Suarez's spectacularly illustrated works have taken the social media realm by storm. She has created a montage of marvelous Disney princess fan art that transports the classic beloved babes into the modern era. Young women who were once known only in conjunction with overbearing fathers and chivalrous knights are given a contemporary refresh with Suarez's dynamic depictions.

Her versions of the already-awesome heroines are feminist, stylish, and kind of inspirational to boot. They combine the mystical wonder of magic and fairytales with the very real wonder of a well-read major character.

And let's be real, her Disney princesses probably all take killer selfies.

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    Pocahontas Is A Fierce Fashionista

    Photo: Fernanda Suarez / Instagram
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    Cinderella Totally Slays

    Photo: Fernanda Suarez / Instagram
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    Snow White Is A Sultry Dame

    Photo: Fernanda Suarez / Instagram
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    Aurora's Bold Leather Jacket Complements Her Eyes

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