19 Phil And Claire Moments From 'Modern Family' That Prove True Love DOES Exist

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If Modern Family is one of your favorite shows, then you're no stranger to the Dunphy family. Claire, Phil, and their three children live in a constant state of chaos mixed with caring. The twosome are definitely relationship goals, and these scenes are definitive proof.

  • 1. Role Play Turned Emotional Day

    Role Play Turned Emotional Day
    Photo: ABC / Tumblr
    571 votes
  • 2. Always Laughing Together

    Always Laughing Together
    Photo: ABC / Tumblr
    523 votes
  • 3. Little White Lies

    Little White Lies
    Photo: ABC / Tumblr
    450 votes
  • 4. How Lucky Am I?

    How Lucky Am I?
    Photo: ABC / Tumblr
    351 votes
  • 5. Caught In The Act

    Caught In The Act
    Photo: ABC / Tumblr
    423 votes
  • 6. Phil's A Confident Man

    Phil's A Confident Man
    Photo: ABC / Tumblr
    412 votes