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The first dance is a perfect moment for newlyweds to have a moment together and either be lost in the moment or to express their personality to their guests. If you and your better half love modern pop music, having a modern song may be the perfect way to celebrate your first dance together. You could also look into the best classical rock songs for your first dance as well. 

Which modern song is the best for a first dance? That's up to you to decide. Vote up which songs you think are the best for a first dance, and vote down the ones you don't care for as much. And if there's a song that deserves a spot but you don't see here, feel free to add it. 

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DebDesruisseauxPoma added Thinking Out Loud

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All of Me AA song about giving all of yourself to your lover.

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Just the Way You Are About loving someone in all their glory. A great first dance song.

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Marry Me The question that brought the couple to their first dance. A very appropriate first dance song.

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Make You Feel My Love Adele - Another classic love song redone by a modern artist.

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Grow Old With Me What you're looking to do with the one you marry.

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Marry You An fun upbeat dance song about getting married.

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Somewhere Only We Know A song about escaping away together to a place of love that only the two of you know. A nice metaphor for married life.

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StaceyMeyer added I Don't Dance Lee Brice

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Home An offbeat love song, but a love song for sure.

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She Will Be Loved Maroon 5 - A song about prolific love and a great sentiment to  share on a wedding day.

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You Are the Best Thing A song about professing absolute love for someone. A very appropriate first dance song.

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Come What May (film version) A duet from a modern love story about staying together regardless of what comes your way.

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We Found Love As the title implies a song about finding love. A perfect first dance song.

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Baby I'm Yours A '60s style love song from arctic monkeys about spending a lifetime together.

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First Day of My Life Bright Eyes - A great song to start a new lifetime togheter

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I Choose You A song about telling the world you are each other's perfect match.

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We Found Love A lovely acoustic reimagining of the Rihanna love song.

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Let’s Stay Together A classic love song modernized by a present day rock band.

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By Your Side Sade - A song about sticking together through thick and thin

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This Is Love A nice sentiment for the newly married couple.

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Never Let Me Go A song about holding on to your love.

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I Was Made for You A song about being a perfect fit for one antoher.

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Riptide A peppy song to celebrate life and love to.

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Not a Bad Thing A song about being the one you got to bed beside each and every night.

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Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop A quaint love song about falling love in the modern day.

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Ho Hey A great song about professing your love and possibilities.

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Somebody Loves You The perfect sentiment to impart to your new husband/wife.

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firefly69 added Everlong Foo Fighters

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With You A song about love making each day seem new and fresh.

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The Sweetest Love A song about what else but the sweetest kind of love.

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When the Stars Go Blue Ryan Adams - Another classic song with a modern update. This song is so romantic and about "dancing" with your love. A perfect fit for a first dance.

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Luck A duet about being lucky in love.

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Only Love Another song about being lifted by love.

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Love On Top A song about being enchanted by love.

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Be Mine A song about being absolutely happy in love.

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Cosmic Love Florence and the Machine - A song about a love so grand it's out of this world.

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Xo A song about love (or hugs and kisses more appropriately) a perfect fit for a first dance.

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The Way I Am A quirky love song about loving them through all life's ups and downs.

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possumprincess added Even When I'm Sleeping

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Banjolin Song A song about having your heart stolen and being awakened by love.

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Just Like a Star A beutiful love song about how love lifts you up.

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U Me A song about how love uplifts us.

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So Here We Are A song about redemption in love.

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She's a Star A song to shine a spotlight on the bride.

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Fidelity Regina Spektor - A song about jumping in and finally loving someon truly.

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Us A song about two people against the world. Another nice metaphor for marrage.

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One Day Like This A lovely song for those truly looking for the modern love song.

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Wreckless Love Alicia Keys - A song about unabahsed, absolute love.

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Fool for You A song about being a fool in love. Hopeuflly most newlyweds are,