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Modern Vampires and How They Practice the Ancient Art of Drinking Blood 

Lisa A. Flowers
Updated August 30, 2019 26.9k views 7 items

How do modern vampires drink blood? When it comes to cinematic, full-blown IRL Gothic horror, nothing compares to the delicious terrors a plasma-slurping vampire cult can conjure up. (Most people, in fact, immediately think of Hammer Horror or serial murders committed by white faced, clove-smoking '80s kids). But the fact is that many “serious” blood drinkers (or “sanguinarians,” as many of them prefer to be called), regard their beliefs and practices as being close to sacred.

Information on these movements is admittedly scarce, and serious studies on them are mostly to be found within academic sociology departments; but rest assured that these present-day Nosferaturians are out there gorging themselves on the “elixir of life” as we speak, and they're probably closer to you than you think - especially if you live in a vampire-associated metropolis like New Orleans. Here's some of the most noteworthy contemporary cults/organizations.

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Vampires of the Sunshine State Congregate at The Castle
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Tampa's The Castle nightclub, located in the Ybor City historic district, is home to more than just partygoers with run-of-the-mill goth tendencies. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the club is home to a monthly gathering of real vampires, whose group was founded, and is led, by an enigmatic 39-year-old named Evan Christopher.

According to the article, some of the group's members feed on blood offered by donors known as "black swans," while others feed, reciprocally or otherwise, on their lovers during sex. The article explains how, "after a decade in the Air Force," Christopher "went to New York to apprentice as a fangsmith under a national elder;" he established his coven shortly thereafter.

One of the group's members claims she's been liking blood and eating rare meat since childhood. She also gets into various common modes of blood-drinking, which include buying a finger-pricker at a drugstore, drinking out of medical suction cups, or simply "nursing right off the skin." Which, like breastfeeding, is probably the healthiest option.

Vampire and Donor Connections Hub Provides Vampires with Tools for Blood Drinking
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Vampire and Donor Connections Hub, based in the UK, is an organization that offers access to medical equipment for donors and vampires, including “bloodletting needles, vacutainers, and sterilizing wipes.” Supplies are available to both US and UK residents, and the history of historically “vampiric” health problems, such as hemoglobin deficiency and allicin (garlic) intolerance, is expounded upon at length on their website.

The organization also hosts annual events, like the Official Sanguinarian & Donor Gathering in Brighton in September 2016, which took place at a picturesque and historic pub, and served as a sort of land-locked singles cruise for blood drinkers and enthusiastic "victims" eager to help them sustain their lifestyles.

Aussie Vampires Congregate in Brisbane
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Real vampires down under are apparently also a thing, as the narrative of Australian child of the night Raziel Nite makes clear. According to Nite, a Sydney native, there are "large numbers of people living as vampires in Australia," and many of them are well-acquainted with "the diet," and know where to find willing donors. Nite is clear on the fact that a big part of his sustenance is "blood, both human and animal," and the same is true of the crowds he runs with. Like so many other practicing vampires, he gets his animal elixir from the butcher, when human donations are scarce; but unlike a lot of other vampires, his existence is completely nocturnal, and he doesn't go about by day at all. 

The article also explains that Brisbane, not Sydney, is "particularly well known for having a large vampire community," so if you ever find yourself in that "neck" of the woods, keep that in mind.