Some Modern Witches Are Casting Emoji Spells And Digital Tarot Readings - But Do They Work?

In every culture, there’s been some form of witch. In medieval times, there were witches who provided remedies; in the 17th century, they were hunted down as agents of the devil, but now, in the 21st century, modern witches are using emoji spells, apps, and digital tarot readings to change their reality, and you can too. Witchcraft is an archaic practice full of riddles, intense research, and long form rituals that are performed to change your reality. It’s not the easiest thing to get into; however, internet witch spells are becoming more prevalent among young people, specifically young women, and rather than serve as a wall for keeping out people who may not be bookworms, their simplicity acts as an inclusive gateway that invites new practitioners into the craft.

So what are emoji spells? Do they actually work? Even though they may seem silly at first glance, emojis are nothing more than a picture that illustrates a feeling, like a rune or any other symbol - a pyramid or a pentagram for example – so why shouldn’t they work the same way in a spell? If you’ve been thinking about getting into witchcraft, but feel overwhelmed by the amount of studying that goes into it then the information here will definitely send you down a path towards creating a more magical world via emojis and social media.


  • Who Are These Emoji Witches?'

    Who Are These Emoji Witches?'
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    When you think of a witch the first thing that comes to mind is probably the Halloween cut out with a crooked nose and big black hat, but modern online witches couldn’t be any further from that caricature. There’s not a perfect timeline for this, but modern witches began appearing online around 2015 on Tumblr – for all you grandpas out there that’s an online blogging platform where an estimated 50% of users are under the age of 34 – and while a lot of “Tumblr Witches” embrace the visual aesthetic of 90s witchcraft and mall goth scene, they’re not trying to pretend like they know everything about witchcraft, magic, or magick. Some of them are into wicca, some of them aren’t religious at all, and others are just trying to see if witchcraft works for them – and that’s all totally cool.

  • How Do Spells Work?

    How Do Spells Work?
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    Before we get into emoji spells it’s important to know how regular spells work. Witches traditionally use physical items to represent the things they want. They could be anything from super cool looking medallions, a book made of skin, or a sigil. Sigils are a magical image that you create to manifest something you want either physically or spiritually. Sigils are essentially a rune or drawing that you create out of your desire to make something.

    For instance, if you want to make more money you would write: “It Is My Will That I Make More Money,” then you remove the vowels and repeated letters so you have: “TSMWLKRNY” and begin to craft those letters into a rune that represents your desire. Then you think about that symbol, you draw it when you’re sitting in class, you pray over it, and do whatever else you can to imbue it with energy. By doing this you’re putting the idea that you will make more money out into the universe. Of course this is a simplification of a sigil ritual, but you get the drift. Emojis take all of the carpal tunnel out of making a sigil and allow you to have a perfect representation of your desires at your fingertips. The more an emoji is passed around through text, or online, the more energy it takes on. If you can get your emoji to enough people then you can charge it with insane amounts of energy. This might sound silly so it might help to think of an emoji or sigil spell like a corporate logo.

    When Apple first rolled out its simple, multicolored logo in 1977 it was not super cool and definitely didn’t mean what it means today. But after 40 years of that logo being passed around, and stamped on computers, phones, stickers, people probably have Apple logo tattoos, it now means something much more than a computer company. When you see an apple you think of a brand, all because someone created a drawing, and began passing it around, and charging it with energy. This is how emoji spells work.

  • What Do Emoji Spells Look Like?

    What Do Emoji Spells Look Like?
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    Emoji spells all follow a similar visual aesthetic, with variances popping up now and then depending on the service provider, and the interpretation of a specific emoji. Most online witches will tell you in a tweet or post what the spell is meant to do, but you don’t have to do that. If you want you can just put your spell out into the world and see what happens, however the likelihood of an emoji spell with no meaning picking up a good amount of energy is unlikely.


  • What Can One Use Emoji Spells For?

    What Can One Use Emoji Spells For?
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    You can seriously use an emoji spell for anything, you just need to make sure that you specifically state your purpose. If you put out the “It Is My Will That I Make More Money” sigil/emoji that was discussed earlier without any specificity it may not work, or it may work in an unintended way. You could get hit by a car and win a settlement for a million dollars when you really want to get a better job with a nice healthcare plan. Don’t be afraid to be specific, it’s your spell. Or if you want to send Demi Lovato good vibes you can do that, just be sure to be specific.

    Outside of sending good vibes to people and trying to make quick cash, covens of online witches are attempting to effect change in the world. Before Donald Trump was elected president there was a group of witches sending out emoji spells attempting to keep him out of office. It was a nice thing to attempt, but it’s obvious that he has some very powerful dark magic on his side. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to make a difference with your emoji spells. Start with something simple and work from there. Make sure to keep a journal of your spells and their outcomes so you can track your magical growth.