Graveyard Shift

Creepy Stories And Legends From The Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert, which spans parts of California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, is the driest place in North America - and one of the spookiest. Maybe it's the unrelenting heat and dehydration that causes people to spin these Mojave Desert ghost stories, but maybe they're the real deal.

The region has plenty of haunted locales, from theaters and hotels to abandoned mines and psychiatric institutions. There have also been rumors of creatures like the Cactus Cat, a spiky feline that drinks fermented cactus juice and terrorizes people. Even more terrifying is the skinwalker, a malevolent being from Navajo legend with the power to transform into another creature by wearing its skin.

If you want to know whether these creepy Mojave Desert stories have any truth to them, you can always make the trip yourself...

  • Skinwalkers Are So Horrifying That The Navajo People Refuse To Speak Of Them

    Skinwalkers are among the most disturbing cryptids believed to exist, and it's said they stalk the Mojave Desert. This Navajo legend is so terrifying that many Navajo people refuse to discuss it.

    Despite their mythical attributes, skinwalkers are actually human. In Navajo tradition, when a medicine man attains the highest honors possible, he comes into incredible power. But some choose to use that power in immoral ways. A medicine man that slays a close family member gains the ability to transform into an animal or person by wearing their skin. They were said to use these transformations to hurt others.

    Though slippery, skinwalkers aren't impossible to defeat. If you discover a skinwalker's true identity, speaking their name aloud can either end them or make them ill.

  • The Mojave Desert Is Home To The Road Ghost Phenomenon

    Those driving through the Mojave Desert may encounter what is known as the "Road Ghost Phenomenon." This is when a ghostly apparition appears in the middle of the road. For example, one man claimed to be driving back to his campsite after a long day when he came across a young girl who was standing in the road. When he stopped to see if she was lost or hurt, she let out a bloodcurdling scream and melted into the asphalt.

    This phenomenon, which has been occurring since the horse and buggy days, often happens near the site of car collisions or other road-based catastrophes. 

  • Some Believe The Ghost Of Gram Parsons Haunts The Joshua Tree Inn

    The ghost of musician Gram Parsons is said to haunt the Joshua Tree Inn, specifically room 8. The country-rock singer passed away in that room from an overdose during the 1970s.

    Parsons is said to move the mirror - the only piece of furnishing that existed when he stayed there - as well as small objects, like jewelry.

  • The Yucca Man Hides Among The Joshua Trees

    The Yucca Man's true nature is shrouded in mystery, but it is said that the creature resembles a yeti and its strength is so immense that it can bend a rifle in half. Allegedly, the Yucca Man first appeared in 1971 on a Marine base in Twenty-Nine Palms, CA, where it ripped a guard's weapon from his hands. 

    Though the incident was investigated by the CIA and FBI, no real information turned up... other than there might be two Yucca Men.