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Molly's Game movie quotes take viewers along for the ride in the film based on the true story of Molly Bloom's rise to hosting high-stakes underground poker games and downfall when the FBI got wind. Based on the book Molly's Game: From Hollywood's Elite to Wall Street's Billionaire Boys Club, My High-Stakes Adventure in the World of Underground Poker by Molly Bloom, the crime drama was written and directed by Aaron Sorkin in his first directorial role. Molly's Game opened wide theatrically on January 5, 2018.

In Molly's Game, Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain) works as an assistant to Dean Keith (Jeremy Strong) who runs an underground poker game frequented by Hollywood stars, billionaires, mobsters, athletes and businessmen. After Dean essentially fires Molly, who has become chummy with the players, Molly starts her own game and takes the players with her. She continues these games, in New York and Los Angeles, for many years, all while raking in a small fortune of her own.

Eventually Molly stops the games but that doesn't stop the FBI from investigating and arresting her for operating an illegal gambling ring. Molly enlists the help of a hesitant attorney Charlie Jaffey (Idris Elba) to help beat the charges. But in order to do so, and without revealing the names of her players, Molly and Charlie must prove to the court that her actions were legal, a tough card to play. 

Also starring Michael Cera, Chris O'Dowd and Kevin Costner, Molly's Game hit theaters in the winter of 2018 alongside other films including All the Money in the World, Pitch Perfect 3, Justice League, and Downsizing.

  • I Was Raised to Be a Champion
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    I Was Raised to Be a Champion

    Molly Bloom: I was raised to be a champion. My goal was to win. At what and against whom, those were just details.

    Talking a bit about her drive, Molly explains how her upbringing helped her find success as a poker madame. She was raised to win, first as a potential Olympic skier then later in business. 

  • Where are the People You're Protecting?
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    Where are the People You're Protecting?

    Charlie Jaffey: Have you seen the other names in your indictment? Come on, Molly, just how deep into the Russian mob were you?
    Charlie Jaffey: There’s a new offer on the table: complete immunity if you hand over the hard drives.
    Molly Bloom: You’ve seen what’s on those hard drives. Families, lives, careers will be ruined.
    Charlie Jaffey: Why are you in this alone? Where are the people you’re protecting by not telling the whole story?
    Molly Bloom: I’ll tell them everything they want to know about me, about me. That’s it.

    Attorney Charlie knows Molly is in a bunch of trouble with the feds and urges her to flip on her clients, the poker players, in order to save herself. These Molly's Game movie quotes include good advice from an attorney to a client, but a route Molly is not willing to go.

  • This is a True Story
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    This is a True Story

    Molly Bloom: This is a true story, but except for my own, I’ve changed all the names. I was in a room with movie stars, directors and business titans. They were going all in, all the time. The humiliation had given way to blinding anger at my powerlessness. I wasn’t going to wait before I put a plan in place.

    In a voiceover, Molly explains a bit about her story which is also the plot of the film. She rose from humiliation to take over as the madame of high-stakes underground poker where anyone who's anyone wagered big money on a regular basis.

  • Nobody's Perfect
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    Nobody's Perfect

    Larry Bloom: You’ve managed to build a multi-million-dollar business using not much more than your wits.
    Molly Bloom: I’m about to be charged in a federal court.
    Larry Bloom: Well, nobody’s perfect.

    Molly and father Larry have differing opinions on her current situation in these Molly's Game movie quotes. Larry sees her as creating something huge while she only sees her federal indictment.