WATCH Parents Are Out To Kill Their Kids In Nicolas Cage's Incredibly Creepy New Movie  

Mick Jacobs

Selma Blair and Nicolas Cage return to the big screen once again, and this time they're not enrolling at Harvard or stealing the Declaration of Independence. In the trailer for Mom and Dad, the actors play figures most everyone considers benevolent: the parents.

But what appears on the surface to be a benign, heart-warming family comedy slowly reveals itself to be much more sinister. Something feels off about Mom and Dad, and it's not just the fact that they're played by Ghost Rider and Vivian Kensington.

Until one normal school day, when the town's parents begin to turn on their own sons and daughters. Think Children of the Corn, but in reverse.

If anyone else played Mom and Dad, this premise might not work out. However, Cage and Blair both have the personalities and reputations needed for such a darkly humorous project. Watch the trailer for what some are calling "Home Alone on bath salts," which producers should use as the film's tagline.