exercise This Fit Mom Was Shamed For Exercising During Her Target Trips  

Mick Jacobs

Does this video of a woman working out in a Target offend you? Well, it certainly offended a large portion of the Internet, who came out from their basement dwellings to renounce her retail-based workout.

The mother in question, Sia Cooper, works as physical trainer in Florida. As anyone with a child understands, parenting is a job all on its own, meaning Cooper often needs to get creative to make sure both her jobs get done.

To maximize her time, Cooper will incorporate her workout into her shopping, making her twice as efficient as most other adults. Because it enjoys hating on successful people, especially women, the Internet decided to drag her for it.

Watch the video to see how it makes you feel. If you care more about maximizing your time rather than wasting it, you will probably feel pretty good about this mom's workout plan.