family This Mom's Reaction To Pat Benatar Tickets Is The Most Mom Thing You'll See All Week  

Rebecca High

A mom received Pat Benatar tickets as a gift and her reaction, captured in this video, is absolutely priceless. It's almost as though she belongs to the night...

In a quiet moment of anticipation, she opens the gift and tries to make out what it is, exactly. A male family member joins her to try to read it also, but he's forgotten his glasses too so they both just stand there puzzled for a moment.

Suddenly, the woman swoons and tips over. Without batting an eye, the guy reaches out and grabs her. She has straight-up fainted in reaction to finally figuring out her unprecedented gift.

As she finds her feet again, she blurts it out, "I'm going to see Pat Benatar!" She couldn't be more excited, and you couldn't be either after you watch this one.