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People Are Sharing Things That Feel Embarrassing For No Reason

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In life, there always seem to be those moments where it's impossible to look cool. Whether it's swatting away a fly, the act of sneezing, or getting our from the backseat of a two-door car. Reddit user u/kuttideperumala asked: "What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?" and the responses had us feeling secondhand embarrassment.

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    Holding The Door Open A Bit Too Early

    From Reddit user u/spongepogger:

    Holding the door for someone at that weird distance when they're close but like you still gotta wait for like half a minute.

    Reddit user u/Sweetkeetcheecks replied:

    I did this once and they just walked through the automatic door next to it.

    Reddit user u/gottahaverice replied:

    Or being that person the door is being held for, hoping that the door holder will just go without me so I don’t have to pick up the pace or start jogging.

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    Choking On Their Own Saliva

    From Reddit user u/Justacasualstranger:

    When you go to speak and choke on your own spit and sit there for 30 minutes coughing to try and collect yourself.

    Reddit user u/BroffaloSoldier replied:

    This happened to me during my SATs. I wasn’t speaking but somehow started to choke on my own saliva just sitting there taking the test. I just could not stop choking. I couldn’t get it together. Dead*ss silent auditorium full of people and I’m dying but trying and failing to do so quietly. People began staring angrily.

    I tried to sip water and ended up cough-spraying it all over the table. You weren’t allowed to leave the room either. I looked like that meme with kid who is straining with a beet red face and veins popping out all over his neck. You know the one. It was horrible.

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    Waving To The Wrong Person

    From Reddit user u/ananasandbanana:

    Waving at a person who you wrongly thought was waving at you.

    Reddit user u/therewastobepollen replied:

    I was trying to get into a parking garage, but I couldn’t figure out how to get my ticket in. Someone watching started waving at me and said, “wave.” I was caught off guard and waved to them and asked how they were doing. They said “no, wave at the machine.” I closed my window as soon as I could and drive to a parking spot.

    Reddit user u/pugmommy4life420 replied:

    This happened to me and I honestly had to walk another path for the following week so no one would remember I did that.

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    Chasing After Something That Blew Away

    From Reddit user u/Leticia_the_bookworm:

    Chasing after something blown away by the wind.

    Reddit user u/nellabella27 replied:

    I almost chased a d*mn $20 bill into a busy street at a gas station, I felt completely foolish especially when I went inside to pay and the attendant said, "godd*mn! I thought you wouldn't catch it!"

    Reddit user u/hammock_enthusiast replied:

    Nothing more foolish than a man chasin’ his hat.