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The Moments That Made Wrestling Fans Cry Like Babies

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One of the major elements of pro wrestling is the wrestlers' ability to engage with the crowd. There are many moments where a match, a wrestler's persona, an exciting story line, or the real lives of the wrestlers have left audiences crying in sadness or in celebration. Whether it's a Cinderella storybook ending to an angle, sad wrestling retirements, or a real life tragedy, there have been a number of moments that have made wrestling fans cry in attendance at the arena and at home watching on TV.

Take a moment to read and rank the saddest moments in WWE. What are some of the greatest moments in wrestling that brought a tear to your eye?
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    The sudden accidental death of Owen Hart at the 1999 Over the Edge pay-per-view shocked the systems of wrestlers and fans worldwide. The next night on RAW, tears flowed from the faces of WWE superstars as they shared stories about their coworker and friend. Fans would share in those tears as they watched the tribute to one of the most talented wrestlers in WWE history.
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    The November 14, 2005 episode of RAW was a tearful tribute to one of WWE's most beloved superstars, Eddie Guerrero. The surprising passing of Guerrero the night before left a void in the hearts of the WWE wrestlers and in the hearts of fans around the world. Tears were shed throughout the show as wrestlers competed in matches dedicated to Eddie, while also sharing stories of the man they called "friend." In the end, the show was a celebration of Latino Heat's life and the impression he left on the industry.
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    Connor the Crusher

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    The story of Connor "The Crusher" Michalek brought tears of inspiration to the eyes of WWE fans. Little Connor was diagnosed with medulloblastoma when he was three years old and would undergo multiple surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy throughout his short life. Despite all of this, "The Crusher" would keep his spirit up to cheer on his favorite WWE wrestlers, especially Daniel Bryan.

    Connor's story gained media attention and he got to meet his favorite wrestlers, even attending Wrestlemania XXX to see his hero, Daniel Bryan, win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. His passing on April 25, 2014 brought tears to the eyes of the fans and the WWE brass. WWE would create the "Connor's Cure," a charity fund where proceeds go to pediatric cancer research, in his memory and further honor Connor by posthumously awarding him the first Warrior Award at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in 2015.
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    Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth Reunite

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    It was Wrestlemania VII, years after the "Macho Man" turned his back on the lovely Elizabeth and became the more vicious "Macho King." After a physically and emotionally taxing retirement match against the Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage lost and was forced to retire.

    When his then-manager, Sherri Martel, started to beat on Savage after the match, the estranged Miss Elizabeth came out from the crowd to fight her off. Savage would then embrace and reconcile with Elizabeth, causing fans to cheer and cry as the two left the ring reunited.
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