These Moms Gave Birth To Giant Babies - No, Really  

Beth Elias
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Anyone with a soul loves the chubby legs of a baby - they look like tiny, adorable Michelin Men! But how chubby is too chubby? Huge babies are becoming more and more common, tipping the scale at well over 13 pounds and sometimes even bigger. 

But someone had to give birth to them, and those moms who give birth to giant babies should probably be given some sort of award. Mothers who birthed large babies sometimes have gestational diabetes, so researchers believe there is a link. However, plenty of women don't get the condition and still have a mega baby - even if their prior children are of a normal weight. Doesn't this make pregnancy all the more terrifying? Imagine the stretch marks after carrying around the equivalent of a six-month-old child in utero for nine months. And let's not even talk about what giving birth to a large baby can do to your lady parts.

A Florida Mom Gave Birth To A Baby That Looked Like A Toddler
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Chrissy Corbitt described giving birth to her 13-pound, 5-ounce daughter as pulling "a toddler out of my belly." This seems like an accurate assessment. The mega baby, named Carleigh Corbitt, is the Florida mom's fourth child. 

Since the child is the size of a six-month-old baby, the Corbitt family asked Pampers and Huggies for assistance. The family had prepared for the baby by buying the typical newborn sizes, and father Larry Corbitt said, "Everything we got to prepare is just out the door. None of it fits. She's in size 3 diapers." 

Making this huge baby even more unbelievable is the fact Chrissy Corbitt delivered the child a week before her due date. Who knows how much the baby would have weighed had she stayed in the womb another week.

The Biggest Baby Of All Time Weighed A Whopping 22 Pounds And Was Two Feet Long
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Anna Bates, who was described as a giantess, gave birth to the world's heaviest baby in Ohio on January 19, 1879. When Anna Bates's water broke, it really broke; the giantess lost six gallons of water. The baby weighed 22 pounds and was over two feet long. Unfortunately, he died 11 hours after birth. His father described him as "perfect in every respect... like an ordinary child of six months."

Bates measured 7 feet, 11 inches tall. She married Martin van Buren Bates, who was 7 feet, 9 inches tall. Both worked for a circus and their marriage - as evidenced in the drawing above - drew quite the crowd.

The Bates couple is still officially the world's tallest married couple ever. 

Nurses Refer To This 16-Pound Texas Baby As "The Moose"
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In 2011, JaMichael Brown was born at the massive weight of 16 pounds. He was two feet long with a 17-inch chest and a 15-inch circumference head. Thankfully, JaMichael's mother had a C-section. JaMichael was Janet Johnson's fourth child, though her heaviest baby prior to him was only 8 pounds. 

He may be the biggest baby ever born in Texas, where nurses called him "The Moose." Janet Johnson's diabetes likely played a role in the baby's massive weight, and though JaMichael seemed healthy, nurses noted that a big baby can have difficulty maintaining blood sugar.

Everything really is bigger in Texas, apparently. 

An Australian Woman Gave Birth To A 13-Pound Baby... Without An Epidural
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In July 2017, Australian woman Natasha Corrigan gave birth to a 13-pound, 4-ounce baby. After seven hours of labor - sans epidural - Brian Liddle Jr. was born. Hospital staff had to help the baby out, since, you know, he was twice the size of an average baby. 

A Russian woman also gave birth to a 13-pounder without "any medical assistance," whatever that means (it sounds horrible). The little girl was born with hearing problems, and medical experts thought she would have further issues in the future. 

If a big baby is born via c-section, there shouldn't be any issues for a mother. However, if the child is delivered via vaginal birth, who knows - even average-sized babies can tear things up "down there."