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These Moms Gave Birth To Giant Babies - No, Really

Updated 19 May 2020 12.5k views14 items

Anyone with a soul loves the chubby legs of a baby - they look like tiny, adorable Michelin Men! But how chubby is too chubby? Huge babies are becoming more and more common, tipping the scale at well over 13 pounds and sometimes even bigger. 

But someone had to give birth to them, and those moms who give birth to giant babies should probably be given some sort of award. Mothers who birthed large babies sometimes have gestational diabetes, so researchers believe there is a link. However, plenty of women don't get the condition and still have a mega baby - even if their prior children are of a normal weight. Doesn't this make pregnancy all the more terrifying? Imagine the stretch marks after carrying around the equivalent of a six-month-old child in utero for nine months. And let's not even talk about what giving birth to a large baby can do to your lady parts.

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