The Best Shows On Monday Night In 2022

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No matter what the start of the week throws at you, you can always rely on the Monday shows of 2022 to have just the thing you need. Even while so many TV shows become available in entire seasons in a go, or jump around in linear time slots as networks play musical chairs, there are Monday shows you can rely on. In 2022 there are some long-standing Monday favorites along with new additions and we've got them here, ranked thanks to your votes.

Old reliables like American Dad! and Below Deck: Mediterranean are regulars on the watchlist, but 2022 offers some great newer additions to the Monday night lineup. Kevin Can F *** Himself, returning for its second season, is a fun dramedy full of twists and turns. In the reality TV category, VH1 has two new exciting offerings with Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

Which of these shows do you like to watch the most on Mondays? Which are you looking forward to in 2022? Vote up your favorites and watch as the best Monday TV shows rise to the top!

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