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15 Jobs That Earn Over $200K A Year, According To The People That Work Them

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Whenever people start talking about how much they make at work or any money-related conversation, Abba's song "Money, money, money" should randomly start playing in the background. That would be good, but not as good as having this list's big paychecks. Check it out, maybe think about a career change, and vote up the jobs you'd actually want to work!

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    Not That Bad, Huh?

    From Redditor u:/GrannyGoodness79:

    A friend of my dad's is a refrigeration HVAC journeyman.

    He spent 20 years working in the trade, then he made a business, ran it for 5 years, then got a really reliable manager to run it for him.

    He works 10-ish hours a week doing mostly paperwork and takes in 220k a year.

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    Money In The Bank

    From Redditor u/empathophile:

    Front-end web developer. I'm 6 years out of college, my first salary was $80k the day after I graduated (turned an internship into full time). On track to potentially break $300,000 in the next year or two including bonuses.

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    Mo Money, Mo Problems

    From Redditor u/crookedI:

    I started out as an RN (associate's degree), working in the OR. Got exposed to a lot of different surgeries, including hearts, where they use equipment that essentially pumps the blood for the body during the operation. The people that run that machine are called Perfusionists. A very small niche in the medical field. I went back to school for my bachelor's while working and then applied to Perfusion programs… long story short I’m a perfusionist with a decent work/life balance and make very close to 200k.

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    Take The Money And Run

    From Redditor u/Platonus44:

    About a year and a half ago, I switched jobs and my salary went from $80k to $180k overnight. Same role (software engineer, full-stack, web apps). A couple of notes:

    Location. The former was in Salt Lake, the latter in the Bay. I'd say the $80k out there was worth about $135k out here.

    Company type. The former job was at a small company, still somewhat of a startup. My current job is at a well-established company. I took part in my pay inequity, which may or may not end up being worthwhile.

    Scale! I have to worry a lot more about efficiency now. Monitoring is a lot more important.

    Testing. The team here is much smaller (per million users) than my last team. My work involves a lot more automated testing and good testing.

    The complexity of work. I'm solving much more difficult problems at this new job than in my last, with more involved designs.

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