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Money Monster movie quotes follows the story of a stock advice television set that's taken over by an armed man who lost his life savings by listening to the show's advice. The thriller was written by Jamie Linden, Alan Di Fiore and Jim Kouf using a story Alan Di Fiore and Jim Kouf created. Jodie Foster directed Money Monster, which opened in theaters on May 13, 2016.

In Money Monster, Lee Gates (George Clooney) is a host of the Wall Street stock advice television show Money Monster. He and producer Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) are preparing for another episode of the show, as they normally do, thinking nothing is far from typical. But during the show's taping, a man with a gun, Kyle Budwell (Jack O'Connell), crashes the set and takes the crew hostage.

Kyle forces Lee to put on a vest with a bomb attached and demands answers as to why the advice Lee gave on his show caused Kyle to lose all his family's money. While Lee doesn't immediately have this information, he eventually agrees to help Kyle figure it out. But those who have the answers (including Dominic West and Caitriona Balfe) might not want that truth exposed to the public.

Money Monster brought some thrills to theaters already showing other films such as Captain America: Civil War, A Bigger Splash, Ratchet & Clank and Mother's Day.
I'm Not the Real Criminal
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Kyle Budwell: I might be the one with the gun here but I'm not the real criminal. It's people like these guys. I'm telling you, it's rigged, the whole damn thing. They're stealing everything from us and they're getting away with it too. They literally own the airwaves. They literally control the information, but not today.

In speaking to those watching the attack happen, Kyle explains that while he's the one causing terror right now, it's the corporate heads that are really the criminals here. Kyle feels that those in charge of the media airwaves have been conspiring against the average person and wants vengeance for that.
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Just Point the Camera in My Direction
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Patty Fenn: Do you have the revisions for the opening?
Lee Gates: We're still making changes.
Patty Fenn: Am I going to get the changes before the show or after the show?
Lee Gates: You know the drill. You just point the camera in my direction and we'll figure it out together.
Patty Fenn: It always sounds so simple and yet so moronic.

As Patty and Lee prepare for a show, Patty takes the usual role of asking Lee what he has planned for the day. Like seems to be the norm, Lee has something in mind, but will probably just wing it.
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Who's That Guy on Camera Two?
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Announcer: Here he is, the wizard of Wall Street himself!
Lee Gates: The name is Lee Gates. The show is "Money Monster." ... Without risk, there is no reward... Should I sell? Should I unload? ... Get some balls! Man up!
Patty Fenn: Who's that guy on camera two? Who is it? Anybody know?
Lee Gates: What's this, a union thing?
Patty Fenn: Cut the feed!
Kyle Budwell: Whoever's in there, turn the camera's on.
Lee Gates: Turn the cameras on, Patty! Turn it on, Patty!
Producer: What do I do?
Patty Fenn: Put it up.

During an otherwise typical episode of his show, Lee dishes out his trademark catch phrases about Wall Street investing. But this show turns into one like none before when a man with a gun shows up and quickly takes over.
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I'll Get You Some Answers
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Lee Gates: I'll get you some answers.
Walt Camby: Nobody was asking any questions before. These guys could expose everything.
Lee Gates: We both want an explanation for what went wrong.
Diane Lester: We don't know.

In an interview with Diane Lester, Lee tries to get some answers about what really happened which caused Kyle to lose his life savings, among other losses. While Diane tries to cover, Walt Camby seems to know what happened and knows he does not want that truth getting out.
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