Monique Daniels's Parents Claim She Ran Away, But Her Sister Paints A Much Darker Picture

Monique Daniels was last seen on a rainy June day in 1992, but what actually happened to her remains a mystery. Friends and family have described Daniels as the type of person who always wanted to help others - she even had plans to become a doctor.

Despite Monique's seemingly cheerful demeanor, a great deal of physical and emotional abuse reportedly took place in her family home. Monique pushed back against the strict rules made by her parents, who both served on a local air force base. She was also said to have fought with her stepfather the day she went missing, and some suspect he was involved.

Whatever happened to Monique Daniels, her parents didn't file her missing persons report for two years following her disappearance. They have also faced child abuse charges from their other daughter, Angelique Rameau, who has spent years speaking her truth and shedding light on Monique's case.

  • Monique Daniels Was Last Seen On June 2, 1992

    Monique Daniels Was Last Seen On June 2, 1992
    Photo: The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children / NCMEC / Fair Use

    Monique Daniels was reportedly last seen by a neighbor getting into a blue Chevrolet pickup truck with a white man outside her home in Moore, OK, on June 2, 1992. Monique's 16th birthday was just two weeks away.

    Her mother, Candyce Daniels; her sister, Angelique Rameau; and her brother, Bryan Daniels were all on a church choir trip at the time. Her stepfather, Chuck Daniels, had taken his other sons fishing that day. According to Rameau, the rest of the family didn't even know Monique was missing until Chuck picked them up from their choir trip. When they got in the car, Chuck simply said, "She's gone again."

    Upon returning home, Rameau recalled that their usually spotless home had beer bottles on the floor and cigarette butts littering the fireplace mantle. She also stated that neither Chuck nor Candyce seemed particularly worried about Monique's whereabouts. She noted that Candyce had also been unusually quiet on the choir trip.

  • Monique's Parents Didn't Report Her Missing For Two Years

    Six months after Monique Daniels went missing, her aunt, Leslie Westrick, attempted to contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children so they could help look for her. Westrick reportedly asked Candyce for the police report, but she never gave it to her.

    Westrick soon discovered that Candyce and Chuck had never filed a missing person report for their daughter. Rameau later recalled her parents saying, "If Monique wanted to be here, she would be." 

    Candyce and Chuck did ultimately file a missing person report for Monique in 1994, as well as one for Rameau, who had fled Oklahoma to live with Westrick in Michigan.

  • Monique Had Run Away Shortly Before Her Disappearance

    Leading up to her disappearance in June of 1992, Monique had run away from home and was missing for days. She had become pregnant and was reportedly forced by her parents to terminate the pregnancy, prompting her to leave home.

    Monique's parents immediately began an exhaustive search for their daughter. A friend of Monique's finally convinced her to go home after she had stayed at another friend's house for several days. This first attempt to run away from home was apparently the reason her parents hadn't initially worried about her disappearance.

    An empty pregnancy test box was reportedly found at the Daniels's home the day Monique went missing, which led to speculation that she may have intentionally run away from home again.

  • Monique's Mother, Candyce, Reportedly Received A Phone Call And Letters From Monique After She Vanished

    After six months of not hearing from Monique, Candyce claimed she received a phone call from her daughter. Two letters also arrived at the Daniels home postmarked from Texas and seemed to have been written by Monique.

    The letters explained that she now had a daughter named Chelsea and had gotten married. According to the letters, Monique had moved to Alaska but was traveling with her new husband and daughter. Rameau would later tell her aunt Leslie that the phone call and letters were a hoax.

  • Monique's Stepfather Forced Her Sister To Write Fake Letters

    Leslie Wentrick was skeptical of the letters supposedly written by Monique and asked that a handwriting comparison be done. However, before the letters could be analyzed, the Daniels family reported that burglars had come into their home and stolen them, along with some electronics.

    It wasn't until Rameau went to Michigan that she confessed to Westrick that she wrote the letters pretending to be her sister. Rameau stated that Chuck told her Candyce was suicidal and her stepfather forced her to write the letters "so she'd feel better." Chuck had even gone so far as to mail them from Dallas so they would have a Texas postmark.

    Rameau later said of the situation, "He took me to the grocery store and picked out stationery to write the letter on. He told me what to write. I felt very threatened." Rameau added that she felt guilty for writing the letters, even though she was still a child at the time she wrote them.

  • Chuck And Candyce Daniels Were Reportedly Mentally And Physically Abusive Parents

    Rameau and her brother Andrew have reported that Candyce and Chuck Daniels were verbally and physically abusive. After taking a Greyhound bus from Oklahoma to Michigan, Rameau contacted Child Protective Services to bring child abuse charges against her parents. She was only 15 at the time.

    By then, the Daniels had filed missing persons reports for Monique and Rameau and were trying to have Rameau extradited to Oklahoma. A judge subsequently denied the request due to concerns for Rameau's personal wellbeing.

    During the investigation into Monique's disappearance and the abuse charges, both Chuck and Candyce reportedly refused to take lie detector tests. Around this time, Chuck also confessed to the fake letters and phone call from Monique. The couple eventually pleaded no contest to the child abuse charges.

    Rameau has said that in addition to the abuse suffered by Chuck and Candyce, Monique was also sexually abused by her biological father, who was later convicted of sexual abuse.