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How To Get The Perfect Eyeshadow Look For Monolid Eyes

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Want to rock a monolid eye makeup look? You've come to the right place. Here you'll a list of tricks and makeup tips for monolids, specifically designed with your unique eye shape in mind. Some of these come straight from awesome monolid eye makeup artists on Instagram; others are courtesy of longer tutorials that will walk you through making these looks your own.

Whether you're on the hunt for the perfect eyeliner revamp or are looking for creative makeup looks for monolid eyes, you'll find inspiration here. Give one of these looks a whirl to step up your daily makeup game, or go super glam for date night and turn heads wherever you go. These tips are all about celebrating your beauty in a whole new way.

  • Use A Contouring Shadow Around Your Eyes

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    When it comes to creating depth around your eyes, a little contouring can go a long way. Use natural hues with a touch of shimmer to make your eyes really pop. Find out how to add the perfect shadow with this tutorial by Korean makeup artist Pony.

  • Use Eyeshadow Instead Of Eyeliner


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    If you find yourself constantly drawing on super thick eyeliner, try using dark eyeshadow instead. That way you can apply as much as you need, but will end up with a much softer, more subtle look.

  • Curl Your Lashes (Or Consider False Ones)


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    Longer lashes can go a long way in adding dimension to your face and livening up your eyes. Play up your lashes' natural volume with waterproof curling mascara and primer – it'll help hold the curl and prevent your mascara from running.

    If you've got the patience for them, false lashes will also open up your eyes. Either way, remember to use an eyelash curler!

  • Try A Vertical Gradient With Your Eyeshadow


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    Instead of sticking with the outer-v rule with your darker eyeshadow, check out the vertical gradient method. It adds instant dimension to monolid eyes. There's an awesome full tutorial here courtesy of blogger BunBun.