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What Your Favorite Monopoly Piece Says About You

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Whether you view it as a reliable and indisputable science or a malleable assembling of ideas and conjectures about human behavior, psychology defines everything we do and every decision we make. There's even psychology as to why you always pick that Monopoly board game piece - that same piece - every time you play. As human beings, we're drawn to (or repelled by) certain people, places, and things, and even seemingly insignificant reactions and responses say something about us. If you've ever wondered what your Monopoly game piece says about you, you can break each one down into various personality traits.

The game of Monopoly has a long and storied history in the United States dating back to 1904, where it began as an educational tool about the evils of land grabbing. Over the decades, the game gradually evolved a more elaborate and competitive structure. And today, many different versions, editions, and country-specific varieties exist.

But this list isn't really about the game - it's about you. Take a look at Monopoly pieces by personality and see where you land in the lineup.

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    Baseball Glove

    You're the baseball glove because you possess great self-awareness and are adept at making fast, dependable decisions. After all, a catcher's mitt is the hub responsible for stopping the ball before it quickly moves to opposite ends of the field throughout the game; the catcher must be alert to what's going on with the other players.

    As a catcher, you think quickly on your feet and stand ready to take decisive action at a moment's notice. This speedy decision-making process is termed intuitive thinking, and it suggests you have no internal conflict about goals. In other words, you typically know the right next step to take on an instinctual level, and you're unequivocal about it. So trust your gut, baseball-glove-pickers. 

    When you play Monopoly as the baseball glove, you'll most often follow what your gut says while keeping an eye on what every other player is doing - what property they own, where you stand in relation to them, etc.

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    You love the battleship because you're confident and outspoken. This may sometimes come across as a little confrontational, but only when the situation calls for such in-your-face tactics; after all, real-life battleships don't just go around firing off rounds of ammunition randomly. In fact, Parker Brothers created the original battleship piece for the game "Conflict" (and later used it in "Diplomacy").

    Your self-esteem and self-confidence are apparent when you play as the battleship: self-esteem is how you feel about yourself, while confidence is your faith in your ability to do specific tasks. You know who you are and make no apologies for it. And when more aggressive action is needed, you're equipped for it. 

    During a game of Monopoly, your battleship doesn't play it safe. It knows its size and power, and it scoops up all the money it can. Within reason, of course. You, as the battleship, are still buoyant in the sea of reality.

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    You choose the boot as your game piece because you're a hard worker. You have the gift of both being able to see the ultimate goal and the steps needed to get to that goal. You're also ready to do the actual tasks at hand. You've done difficult tasks all your life and are highly motivated and fully capable.

    You and your fellow boot people are the salt of the Earth. You're real, genuine, and lack artifice. Even though the boot looks worn and roughshod, there is a nobility in choosing this piece. Remember: someone designed the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge and the world's first computer - but someone else built those things, too. Without the boots, we as a civilization would still be in the Dark Ages.

    Use your Monopoly boot to surprise everyone by methodically toiling away and amassing a fortune. And then kick everyone's ass.

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    Like your cousin the battleship, you're a cannon in the Monopoly game because you have a belief in yourself and your abilities. Cannons are a bit more mercurial than battleships, though. You have a spark, a fire, that draws people to you. Another part of your attraction is your impulsivity; if you're a cannon, you might let out a bang anytime you so desire. Impulsiveness has its downsides, to be sure, but it's also got its advantages.

    Think of all the great works of art that wouldn't exist without significant, creative impulses. When you choose the cannon, your personality stuns, and people want to bask in the light of your glow.

    With your Monopoly cannon on the board, you might feel the urge to purchase every property on which you land, and depending on how the game goes, this could spell either victory or bankruptcy. Fellow game-players should proceed with caution; a cannon might blow up when you thwart their strategy.