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Fan Theories From Monster Movies That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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From Godzilla to King Kong, there are some movie monsters that are so popular, their name alone is enough to fill seats at the movie theater. The popularity of these monster movies is rising immensely as of late, and now movie buffs are turning to Reddit in order to expose monster movie fan theories that are more convincing than one would most likely expect. 

Some of these theories may feel far-fetched, but all of them could theoretically be true. Whether viewers feed into the theories or not, they are undoubtedly bound to be entertained by learning about them. 

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    Xenomorphs Were Purposefully Designed To Have A Complex Reproductive Journey In 'Alien'

    From Redditor u/-Demos-:

    Alien Theory: The Xenomorph's overly complicated reproduction method was intentionally designed to make them the perfect living weapon...

    Instead of trying to design a hunter that would be successful in every possible environment, which would have been impossible due to the sheer amount of ecological variants, they designed a hunter that injects its embryo in their prey, copies the DNA, and in doing so, copies all their adaptations to the environment, so they created a beast with the ability to quickly evolve to the top of the food chain of any planet, by [taking] the evolutionary work that the native species have been accumulating during thousands of generations. Truly a brilliant and monstrous design.

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    'Godzilla' Actually Cares About Civilians

    From Redditor u/TheTjTerror:

    Watching Godzilla (2014) again, I noticed a few things.

    He never goes out of his way to hurt civilians. Actually waiting before getting involved.

    In the bridge scene, he waits for the bus to pass before pushing through/destroying the bridge, despite the tank shells causing him pain or annoying him.

    In Hawaii, he seems to be trying to subtly lure the evil creature out to sea instead of towards the city.

    In the city, as the wife watches when the bunker door closes, Godzilla seems to keep the creature in place instead of attempting to throw it in any given direction, possibly crumbling buildings. (Side note: would a creature as old as Godzilla even be able to understand what buildings are?)

    In the finale, Godzilla being clearly weakened during the fight, avoids any confrontation between him and the soldiers, even though they previously showed intent to harm.

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    King Kong Is Just A Kid In 'Godzilla Vs. Kong'

    From Redditor u/DungeonsAndMagicShow:

    Kong in Godzilla vs. Kong is in fact an adolescent. If you pay attention during the Hollow Earth scenes, you'll notice that everything is oversized for him. The doors, the chair, even the statue (or petrified ancestor?) is hilariously huge by comparison.

    Additionally, in the artwork you see in the film, you'll notice previous Kongs are roughly the same height as Godzilla. In this film, there's a sixty-foot difference. 

    This is also why he isn't King... he's just a Kong.

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    The Monsters From 'A Quiet Place' Were Sent To Conquer Earth

    From a Redditor:

    A Quiet Place: The Monsters were sent to Earth by another species to conquer the planet. They seem like the perfect invading force: Nightmarish creatures that are nearly impervious to conventional warfare, and they hunt purely on sound.

    This would force humans to drastically change their way of life so that Earth's population is scattered and more spread out, making it easier for another species to come down and claim the planet. I don't recall if the movies ever bring up a theory like this, but it would make more sense than them just randomly appearing for no reason.

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