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Monster Trucks movie quotes provide the dialogue to the family film about one teen, one strange creature and a monster truck who evade capture. The 3D action comedy was written by Derek Connolly and directed by Chris Wedge. Monster Trucks opened in theaters in the United States on January 13, 2017.

In Monster Trucks, Tripp (Lucas Till) is a high school senior who builds his own monster truck using scraps of salvaged cars. One night, right after an accident at a nearby oil-drilling site, he finds a strange sea creature lurking in the salvage yard. Tripp names the creature Creech and befriends it after it shows that it seems to enjoy riding around in Tripp's monster truck. 

But when the sheriff (Barry Pepper) arrives, along with a henchman (Holt McCallany) for Reece Tenneson (Rob Lowe), looking to take possession of the creature, Tripp, and his friend Madeline (Jane Levy) flee. Tripp knows the only way to keep Creech safe is to protect him personally, and that's exactly what Tripp plans to do.

Monster Trucks opens alongside other great films released at the same time including Sleepless, Patriots Day, Hidden Figures, and Live by Night.  


I'm Not Going Anywhere With You

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Wade: Tripp, these men want to have a word with you.
Tripp: I'm not going anywhere with you.
Burke: Yes, you are.
Tripp: Watch this!

In these Monster Trucks movie quotes, Tripp is surprised by local sheriffs and a henchman for Reece Tenneson. Tripp has no intention of going with the sheriffs, so he hops into his monster truck and flees.

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I Don't Know Who's Driving

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Tripp: I don't know who's driving, him or me.

When you have a creature partially controlling your monster truck, it's easy to get confused between who is actually driving. that's exactly the situation for Tripp in this Monster Trucks movie quote.

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You Named Him Creech?

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Meredith: Tripp, what is that?
Tripp: Creech
Meredith: You named him Creech? 
Tripp: He likes hiding in my truck.

When Tripp's friend Meredith meets Creech, she's a bit thrown off by the creature. It's not that the creature itself is weird, rather what Tripp named it.

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Love You Too

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Tripp: I love you too.

Creech, the friendly creature Tripp has befriended, doesn't have many ways to communicate so when he squirts water at Tripp, Tripp takes that as a compliment. 

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