List of Monsters, Inc. Characters

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  • James P. Sullivan
    Monsters, Inc., Monsters University
    9 votes

    James P. Sullivan, affectionately known as “Sully,” is the top scarer at Monsters, Inc. and the heart of the story. This large, furry blue creature with purple spots is lovable yet fearsome, as he struggles to reconcile his role as a monster with his inherently gentle nature. The movie highlights his journey from being a self-confident scarer to showcasing his empathy and love towards a little girl named Boo, defying the established system in favor of embracing compassion. In a memorable scene where Sully saves Boo from Randall, he becomes a true protector for her, symbolizing his unwavering determination and growth.

  • Mike Wazowski
    Monsters, Inc., Monsters University
    13 votes

    Mike Wazowski, the one-eyed green monster with an outgoing and exuberant personality, is the steadfast companion of James P. Sullivan. As a primary protagonist, Mike often provides comic relief to intense moments within the film. Often characterized by his competitive spirit and sarcastic comments, Mike strives to balance his best friend Sully's ego while also serving as his ethical compass. A pivotal moment for Mike, displaying true bravery, was when he distracted the CDA to aid in the rescue of Boo –- proving that he is more than just a sidekick but a hero in his own right.

  • Boo


    Monsters, Inc.
    13 votes

    Boo, the adorable little girl who inadvertently stumbles into the monster world, serves as a catalyst for change within Monstropolis. Mistakenly dubbed "dangerous" due to misinformation about the human world, Boo's innocence and fearlessness ultimately transform the lives and values of those around her. A standout moment for her character occurs when she confronts Randall during the climax of the film, epitomizing her ability to shatter misconceptions about the terrifying nature of humans.

  • Roz
    Monsters, Inc.
    19 votes

    Roz, the grumpy and stern-voiced receptionist at Monsters, Inc., embodies the unexpected twist in the story. Appearing as nothing more than a strict enforcer of rules within the company, Roz reveals herself to be an undercover agent for the Child Detection Agency (CDA), working to expose and thwart Henry J. Waternoose's illicit plans. The reveal of her true identity exemplifies that appearances can indeed be deceiving, a theme that resonates strongly throughout the film.

  • Randall Boggs
    Monsters, Inc., Monsters University
    10 votes

    Randall Boggs, a swift and cunning antagonist, stands as a foil to Sully’s warm demeanor. With the disposition of a chameleon, Randall possesses the unique ability to blend into his surroundings, making him a truly dangerous opponent. His relentless pursuit of the title "Top Scarer" and twisted obsession to achieve it through nefarious means drive the conflict within the story. His defeat at the hands of Sully and Mike is a stupendous takeover of greed and malice by kindness and friendship.

  • Needleman


    Monsters, Inc.
    11 votes

    Needleman, one of the quintessential characters in Disney's Monsters Inc., is a monster with a vibrant personality and a penchant for creating humor in an otherwise tense atmosphere. Although Needleman plays a supporting role in the film, he showcases immense loyalty toward his friends and his employer, Monsters, Incorporated, which helps cement his importance in the story. His wonderfully nerdy demeanor and unpredictable antics serve as a perfect contrast to some of the more serious, high-stakes moments in the film.